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U.S. opposes strategic grain stocks

The United States does not support the idea of creating strategic grains stocks to tame volatile food prices, a U.S. representative told a ministerial meeting on the food market situation at the United Nations’ food agency Oct. 16. “The United States generally opposes the creation of regional or global food reserve systems to manage price

Food security not a supply issue

There has been a lot of debate in the news lately about the Canadian food system. UN Right to Food Rapporteur Olivier De Schutter recently visited Canada and indicated there are currently 800,000 Canadian households that are food insecure. He concluded that Canada has a lot of work to do in making sure more people

Injured meat animals can now be killed on farm

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association have sided with Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz in a political dispute over a change to Meat Inspection Regulations. CFA president Ron Bonnett said the change in regulations to cover the rare instances of livestock put down on the farm “will provide a more practical, outcome-based

Plenty on the plate for food security groups

Residents of Winnipeg’s St. Vital neighbourhood are digesting the results of a newly released study that reflects what matters to them about food. The Winnipeg suburb is one of several sites in Manitoba to undergo community food assessments in recent months, an initiative to better understand where residents buy or access food, if they grow

Strategic plan sought to secure future of food and the farm

Late winter was historically the time of the “hunger moon.” The larder of winter food was low and people waited anxiously for the land to produce again. People could only dream of a time when they would not have to worry they had enough. In Canada “Food Freedom Day” a designation of Canadian Federation of

Science behind organic systems gains ground

Organic agriculture’s critics routinely claim the practice is more philosophy than agronomy — and the worst cut of all — lacking in “sound science.” Not anymore. Organic is pushing back one peer-reviewed research paper at a time. “We can claim science and we are,” declared Ralph Martin at the opening of the first Canadian Organic

Market Power: 50 Years Forward, 50 Years Back

As a farmer, I m alarmed at an elected government denying farmers a say in arguably the most important question in the history of Prairie farming. Without the marketing and representative power of the Canadian Wheat Board, grain farmers would be a scattered bunch of thousands peddling their wares to a handful of powerful grain

Global Food Inflation To Return After Brief Respite

Red-hot food inflation that has vexed policy-makers around the world seemed to take a breather last month, when corn and wheat prices tumbled on reports that crop shortages were easing. The sell-off was also driven by global economic worries that prompted funds to exit grains in droves. But prices are climbing again, and have already

UN Expert Urges Huge Investment In Small Farmers

Asenior United Nations food expert appealed June 20 for a massive investment in smallholder farming to end poverty and hunger. In an interview before the G20 meeting of farm ministers, Josef Schmidhuber, deputy director of the statistics division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said local poverty was the root cause of hunger, not