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One tool for a complex problem

History is full of examples of heated, ideological and rhetorical public debates that somehow miss the point. The controversy over genetically modified crops is such a case. The debate has generally fallen into two camps — the “Frankenfood” phenomenon, the question of whether we should be meddling with nature’s processes for genetic evolution and “feeding

Harvest Moon expands food initiative

Harvest Moon expands food initiative

Local buying clubs take the burden of direct marketing off the shoulders of small farm operators

The six-year-old initiative connects consumers and farmers through buying clubs and pickup sites. Customers place and pay for the orders online and later pickup their order at a site set up by the buying club in that area. Last year, there were four sites in Winnipeg and one in Starbuck. But organizers are now adding

What’s a pet to some is dinner for others

What’s food and what’s taboo depends on a lot of things, including how human societies
developed, what made sense in different regions, and how humans ordered their world

What’s food and what’s taboo depends on a lot of things, including how human societies developed, what made sense in different regions, and how humans ordered their world Don McMahon gets a mixed reaction when he tells people what was served at his wedding reception in Uzbekistan last year. “Some people are kind of disgusted

Conference board food strategy consultation a smokescreen

Why the National Farmers Union won’t be participating in the conference board discussions towards a national food strategy

For those of us who care deeply about locally based food systems and who recognize the role food can play in strengthening our communities, ecosystems and economies, it can be tempting to jump at each and every opportunity to get a piece of our vision mentioned in larger discussions about food and agriculture. As part

Pork producers urged to be open about what happens in their barns

Pro-industry advocacy group says consumers have ‘woken up’ and are concerned 
about modern livestock practices, but willing to listen to farmers’ side of the story

Farmers may have a lot of good science in their corner, but facts alone won’t restore public trust in the food system, according to the head of an industry advocacy group. “People are asking ethical questions and we’re giving them science-based answers, because we’re not comfortable talking about the ethics,” said Terry Fleck, executive director

Celebrate Food Freedom Day February 14

Coined Food Freedom Day by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), February 14 is the calendar date when the average Canadian will have earned enough income to pay his or her grocery bill for the entire year. “Food Freedom Day is a chance to acknowledge the abundant, safe and secure food supply we enjoy in

Let’s try to waste less food

Have you thrown out any food recently? Did you find less-than-appetizing food hiding in your refrigerator? Was it in an opaque container that may have startled you when you opened it to view the contents? Have you happened upon food well past its “use by” date in your cupboard or refrigerator? If you discarded food

Why have hens in your backyard?

I spent my earliest years growing up in the north end of Winnipeg on Alfred Ave. My memories of that time are of a rich and vital neighbourhood life. We lived next door to Mrs. Lomow’s grocery store, which in addition to stocking fresh produce, seemed to a young boy to be a centre of

Agriculture causes much of global warming

Reuters / Food production accounts for up to 29 per cent of man-made greenhouse gases, twice previous UN estimates, according to a new study. The new study looked at emissions across the food system — including forest clearance, fertilizer production and transport — rather than just farming itself. But agriculture could profit by cutting its

Letters — for 2012-11-01 00:00:00

Expense to farmers considered inconsequential Regarding the opinion piece by Ronald Doering in the Oct. 25 Manitoba Co-operator, the statement “Adventitious presence does not meet the definition of an (adulterating) ingredient (and therefore)… Health Canada… would not favour a “contains” or “may contain” (food label) statement,” this is a corporate-friendly, citizen-unfriendly, double-standard con job! Note