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Editor’s Take: Stress cracks but no fractures

Now is when the systemic shortfalls are beginning to show. It’s only when a complex system is put under stress that underlying and underappreciated issues start to appear. Think of the 2008 global financial crisis as an example. Prior to it being revealed as the precarious house of cards that it was, housing in the

An empty flour shelf in a Steinbach grocery store.

Pandemic both boom and bust for food industry

Hoarding, volatility of food markets force producers to adapt

Grocery shopping just looks different now — be it the lines on the floor directing shoppers where to stand, to the safety reminders over the store PA, to the empty space where the flour used to be. For food producers, it’s also a strange new world with restaurant and food-service orders abruptly nixed and the

Panic buying, lockdowns may drive world food inflation

World has ample grain and oilseed supplies, FAO and analysts say

Singapore | Reuters — Lockdowns and panic food buying due to the coronavirus pandemic could ignite world food inflation even though there are ample supplies of staple grains and oilseeds in key exporting nations, a senior economist at FAO and agricultural analysts said. The world’s richest nations poured unprecedented aid into the global economy as

Opinion: A love letter to you

Because of you, Canada’s food supply is some of the safest and most accessible in the world. Food in Canada is affordable, nutritious and backed by years and years of science and regulatory controls. These facts can sometimes be taken for granted or completely disregarded. With fearmongering headlines and the general misunderstanding of what goes

Industry applauds Canada-U.S. food safety deal but seeks details

The agreement covers existing programs, but both countries are in the process of developing new standards

Food that’s safe in Canada is now also considered safe in the U.S. and vice versa. That’s the bottom line after Canada and the United States have signed a food safety recognition agreement. It formally states the existing food safety systems of the two nations provide similar levels of protection to consumers. Farm and food

Food activists such as Vani Hari, also known as The Food Babe encourage consumers to vote with their dollars.

Building trust from producer to consumer

The majority of consumers is reasonable, intelligent people — especially if their questions are answered with transparency, patience and respect

People often link a distrust of the food industry on the lengthening of the food chain, the growing distance between production and consumption. For some, the perception is that when everyone knew personally the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker they had greater confidence in the safety of their food. Yet history shows that

Crop prices and consumer food demand

Neither the production nor the consumption side of the total food supply equation responds quickly to price decreases

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of columns exploring how agriculture supply-and-demand fundamentals function differently than those of other businesses. In describing the model we use to analyze agricultural policies, the two previous columns examined the responsiveness of the production of grains, oilseeds, and fibres to changes in prices. We saw that

China’s demand for food stays strong

China’s decreased rate of growth might be a concern for some, but agriculture should be fine as long as China’s consumers retain purchasing power

It was bound to happen. China’s economy is slowing down or at least its rate of growth is. However, those in the agriculture sector shouldn’t be concerned about the impact here at home, according to Farm Credit Canada’s chief agricultural economist. “We monitor China all the time, but especially a week ago when they released

Famine forecasts on a smartphone? There’s an app for that

The free app combines satellite data with crowdsourced data 
about how often people eat

A new mobile phone app designed to help aid workers predict where hunger may strike and provide help in good time was launched by Austrian scientists on Nov. 19. The app, which is free to use, combines and analyses satellite data and information collected through crowdsourcing using mobile phones, and creates a map highlighting areas

Federal candidates need to understand the challenges facing today’s hog industry

Market access, labour and financing issues threaten to undermine its future

Over 7,000 pig farms in Canada produce 25.52 million animals a year and generate over $13 billion in economic activity, making the country’s swine industry the fourth-largest source of farm cash receipts of any agricultural commodity. In 2014, over 1.14 million tonnes of pork and pork products valued at over $3.7 billion were exported to