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Waste on the farm is a recurring issue and not just this year. What is different this year is the unprecedented volume.

Opinion: Canada has the food industry it deserves

Don’t blame farmers for euthanizing animals and dumping milk

Millions of litres of milk are being thrown away, more than two million eggs are eliminated from the food chain, and pigs and chickens are being euthanized. There is horror in the countryside. Throwing away good food when more than four million Canadians have lost their jobs is morally reprehensible, and farmers would be the

Agriculture sector welcomes recent “essential” designation

COVID-19: Companies say the announcement gives them clarity in their operations

Obviously agriculture is essential, but the federal government “deemed” it so April 2 as the country battles to slow the spread of COVID-19. The move was welcomed by the Western Grain Elevator Association (WGEA), which represents Canada’s biggest grain companies. “For our sector we feel there’s enough clarity that we are to keep operating as

Ottawa expected to ‘officially’ declare ag an essential service

The Western Grain Elevator Association says that designation will clarify things and help to keep grain moving

Canada’s grain industry expects the federal government will soon officially declare agriculture an essential service. Wade Sobkowich, executive director of the Western Grain Elevator Association (WGEA), says that designation will have a practical application. “Hopefully it ends all confusion about grain workers at elevators, railway workers and anybody else required for moving grain, as to

Plenty CEO and co-founder Matt Barnard (right) says his company is now competitive with organic 
competitors but critics say vertical farms are simply too expensive to run.

Are vertical farms ready for prime time?

Indoor farm companies say they're scaling up, but many question their business model

INNOVATION Indoor farm companies say they’re scaling up, 
but many question their business model

Reuters — Leafy salad greens grown under banks of LED lights, with mist or drips of water are having their day in the sun. Several top U.S. indoor farms say they are boosting production to a level where they can now supply hundreds of grocery stores. Plenty, Bowery, Aerofarms and 80 Acres Farms are among young companies that see a future

Food processing has made significant contributions to society’s food systems, one being that our desired foods are available year round.

Opinion: In defence of ‘ultra-processed’ foods

There’s more than a whiff of classism, and even sexism, in smug criticism of this maligned food type

Ultra-processed foods, a term coined by a Brazilian pediatrician many years ago, have been targeted as a menace to society for quite some time. Few have dared to counter the argument and this massive movement has clearly influenced policies around the world. However, the socio-economic implications of discouraging consumers to interact with these products have

Government, college staff and companies like Maple Leaf Foods were in attendance as the province announced $300,000 for Assiniboine Community College’s new animal protein-processing training centre April 26.

Making the cut at ACC

The college’s new animal-processing centre will train students for the meat sector, ACC says

There’s about to be a new stream of locally trained labour for the province’s meat sector. Brandon’s Assiniboine Community College (ACC) is preparing for the first crop of students at its new animal protein-processing training centre. The college is expecting about 40 graduates annually out of the centre’s first program. The 11-month class will greet

KAP general manager is leaving the general farm organization to pursue a venture in food processing.

KAP seeking new general manager

James Battershill is pursuing a venture in food processing

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) is looking for a new general manager. James Battershill is leaving the position at year’s end to pursue a venture in food processing, KAP president Bill Campbell told KAP’s advisory council here Nov. 12. “I did give the (KAP) board some assurance that I would stick around long enough to make

Comment: Expect the unexpected in push to build plant protein sector

Demand will rise, but new pulse supercluster will have to be nimble to seize opportunity

Pardon the pun, but the agricultural industry’s pulse was palpably high in the downtown hotel ballroom earlier this month as 300 leaders gathered to officially launch the Protein Industries Canada supercluster. The ‘Thought Leaders Summit’ was designed to get stakeholders in the plant-based protein value chain singing from the same song sheet, albeit in four-part

The Open Kitchen at Warren is a privately owned rent-a-processing-plant and part of an expanding number of facilities in Manitoba 
towards encouraging more value-added food development, says the site’s co-owner Doug Langrell.

The Open Kitchen

Manitoba’s only privately owned, rural state-of-the-art processing facility supports new food entrepreneurs

Peter Fehr was looking to expand his sauce-making company when he discovered The Open Kitchen last spring. Now the gourmet chef and entrepreneur attributes the growth spurt of his business Gourmet Inspirations to having come here to bottle his product. “It’s been a valuable stepping stone in growing my business,” said Fehr whose finishing and