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Editorial: Food for thought

The federal government has suddenly taken an interest in food. It is about much more than growing agriculture and food exports, although that’s certainly one of the stated goals. It is beginning discussions toward a national food policy for the country. As Glacier FarmMedia staff writer John Greig outlined in a recent article (“Farm and

Canadian Federation of Agriculture supports food policy

The federal effort will spark conversations 
on the importance of food and agriculture

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is pleased to see a clear commitment by the federal government toward developing a food policy for Canada, as this addresses a long-standing priority for farm groups. Consultations on creating a national policy for food will spark important conversations among Canadians. These conversations will help inform an overarching vision and

Consultations begin toward national food policy

Online survey and Ottawa summit will capture Canadians’ ideas about access to food and sustainable food systems

Canadians now have their chance to weigh in on what they think is essential for a nationwide food policy. Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay announced late last month that national consultations toward developing the complex policy initiative will take place this spring and early summer. The consultations, which include an online survey, will invite Canadians

Food strategy consultations announced

The federal government is seeking input 
to formulate a first-of-its-kind national 
food policy

The federal government is launching consultations aimed at developing a national food policy for Canada. Lawrence McAulay, the federal agriculture minister, announced the move early this week which includes an online survey at The government says the food policy will cover four key areas: Increasing access to affordable food; Improving health and food safety;

Federal food policy consultations underway

The long-discussed-and-debated notion of a public pan-Canadian food policy has taken a move forward with a new online survey from the federal government. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay on Monday announced an initial round of consultations and called on the public to “share their input to help shape a food policy that will cover the entire

Editorial: But what about the farmers?

The statistic does give you a bit of a jolt: In 2015 tiny Netherlands was No. 3 in world agri-food exports, with Canada way behind in No. 12 spot. That statistic is highlighted in the second report by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, which was established by Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and led

Greg Cherewyk.

Growing Forward 3 a chance to think big

Pulse Canada’s COO calls for an ambitious agenda 
as the next agriculture policy framework looms

Canada needs to quit fiddling around the edges of its agri-food policies and start thinking big. That’s the message Greg Cherewyk, Pulse Canada’s chief operating officer, brought to a recent meeting of the Commons agriculture committee. He used the occasion to call for a new focus on continuous improvement and transformational innovation in the upcoming

U.S. trade double standard confirmed

American trade expert Joe Glauber sees continued pressure on Canada’s supply 
management and rising domestic farm subsidies in developing countries

Joe Glauber confirmed what many Canadian farmers believed during the Doha Round of World Trade Organization (WTO) talks from 2001 to 2008: the Americans were promoting farm subsidy cuts, while increasing their own. In 2001 the United States spent $10 billion in market loans to offset low prices for U.S. wheat, corn and soybeans, Glauber,

Editorial: More of the same?

There’s a certain predictability to how the next round of agricultural policy discussions are unfolding. With the Growing Forward 2 suite of programs set to expire in March 2018, many expect that what follows will closely resemble what’s being replaced. That might not serve Canadian agriculture particularly well, however, since the sector is facing a