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File photo of 10-pound sacks of potatoes loaded on pallets at a Canadian distribution centre.

Editorial: Surplus food purchases symbolic of broader discussion

On the surface, the $50-million Surplus Food Rescue Program recently launched by the federal government is simply a sensible response to highly unusual circumstances. The government is buying up surplus fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood from farmers and fishers who would normally supply the foodservice sector and distributing it to Canadians suffering from food

“It’s Good, Canada” will share personal stories of Canadians working across the food supply chain.

Two national campaigns launched for food supply chains

Food industry aims to inform consumers as COVID raises interest in food

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is launching a new campaign to inform consumers on how the food system works. “It’s Good, Canada” will share personal stories of Canadians working across the food supply chain and provide information about farming, transportation, processing, retail and production on its website, “It’s natural for Canadians to have an interest and

There are no less than three barriers currently holding farmers back from achieving greater success.

Opinion: Agriculture policy revisions needed for new era

Canadian farmers cannot afford a business-as-usual approach any longer

Carbon taxes, pesticide regulations and food policy are three topics CFFO asked to be brought to the table at the federal-provincial agriculture ministers’ meeting. With “business as usual,” Canada is risking fair treatment of our farming sector and worsening trade distortions and business sustainability. Firstly, carbon taxes could raise the cost of Canadian food production,

Some of the work will centre on what areas of food and food security are the city’s jurisdiction.

Work to begin on Winnipeg food strategy

Food Matters Manitoba has been contracted to begin work on the food plan

Work is slated to begin on Winnipeg’s first food strategy with Food Matters Manitoba heading the effort. “Food Matters Manitoba has an excellent track record of deliver- ing programs and services in the community, and have been an essential partner in getting the Winnipeg Food Council off the ground,” said St. Vital councillor Brian Mayes,

Federal food policy aims to lift local and Canadian-grown products

Federal programs to boost the profile of domestic and locally grown foods at home while reducing food waste, food insecurity and deceptive food marketing are all up for funding under the government’s new Food Policy for Canada. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Parliamentary Ag Secretary Jean-Claude Poissant announced the new policy Monday in Montreal, following

Ag minister announces launch of Canadian food policy

Canada has its first food policy, an initiative to increase access to safe, nutritious and culturally diverse food, and to cut food waste. Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food and parliamentary secretary, Jean-Claude Poissant made the announcement Monday in Montreal. “The Food Policy for Canada is our road map for a healthier and more

Comment: Let’s ditch the silos

Canada must move towards an integrated agri-food policy framework

By adopting a whole-of-government approach and rolling out a strategy for strong economic and environmental performance, the export potential of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector can be realized. The Canadian government has identified the agriculture and agri-food sector as an engine of growth, with some pretty ambitious targets over the next decade. The 2017 Barton

Opinion: It’s not really a ‘Farm’ Bill

You might think that U.S. Treasury officials would have cringed last month when the president and Congress signed off on a Farm Bill with a total cost of US$867 billion. That’s 155 times more than President Trump’s US$5.6-billion request for the border wall, which shut down parts of the U.S. government. In fact, they probably

Food policy recommendations reflect diverse interests

The report to Parliament will either cement the solitudes or set the stage for finding common ground

The 21 recommendations toward developing this country’s first national food policy delivered to Parliament recently establish one thing fairly succinctly. It’s complicated. However, from the first recommendation (making adequate nutrition as a basic human right) to the last (calling for a national food policy advisory body with a wildly diverse range of stakeholders), the committee’s

Canola Growers calls for co-ordinated food policy

The national rethink of food policy is a perfect opportunity to get rid of a conflicting regulatory and promotional mishmash

The federal government needs to get its house in order if it wants an effective national food policy. In particular it needs to provide more co-ordinated policies for farmers, according to Jack Froese, president of the Canadian Canola Growers Association, speaking recently to the Commons agriculture committee in Ottawa. The problem isn’t a lack of