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CFIA turns 20 with no fanfare

Founding executive says he’s surprised there wasn’t at least some notice of the milestone

In this year of celebrating Canadian anniversaries, one has passed by with almost no notice. Well at least until Ron Doering pointed out that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which he helped create, passed its 20th anniversary in April. Doering led the team of federal officials who drafted the plan in 1995 to extract food

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COOL gone but border irritants remain for meat shipments

Canadian meat trucks are being held up at the border, which is costing time and fees

The United States has removed its country-of-origin labelling program but has found another way to delay shipments of Canadian meat, says Jim Laws, president of the Canadian Meat Council. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay needs to intervene in the dispute, which puts Canadian exporters at a great cost disadvantage compared to U.S. companies shipping meat to

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Pork producers fear increased disease risk from PEDv

U.S. truck washes are known to harbour a deadly pig virus

A decision by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to end measures intended to keep the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PEDv, out of Manitoba, has producers worried. As of October 1, trucks returning to Canada after dropping swine off in the U.S. will be required to be disinfected and cleaned at American facilities before entering Canada.


Camelina worth considering for reseeding if other options limited

Smart Earth Seeds is contracting production, but it must be delivered to either Chaplin or Gull Lake, Sask.

With one eye on the rain gauge and another on the calendar, some Manitoba farmers are wondering about late-seeding crop options. Smart Earth Seeds, a Saskatchewan company, says camelina, is one to consider. There’s a long list of crops, including wheat, barley, oats, flax and buckwheat that can be seeded as late as June 20

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Elgin-ND receives interim registration

This potentially high-yielding milling wheat will be available to western Canadian farmers in 2016

Elgin-ND, a new high-yielding American Dark Northern Spring wheat, received a three-year interim registration May 20 from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), making commercialization possible in Western Canada. FP Genetics has the Canadian distribution rights. Buying Elgin-ND for seed to be planted in Western Canada from American suppliers contravenes plant breeders’ rights’ laws and

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Wild birds have higher resistance to flu virus

With bird flu ravaging barns in the U.S. and knocking at Canada’s door, 
it might be time to reconsider how poultry are raised

For years, poultry producers have been breeding something in their barns other than birds. Avian influenza. Long present in wild bird populations, the low-pathogen version of the virus has entered barns, remaining there until a series of mutations turned into something else — something deadly. “We have been playing with fire,” said Earl Brown, a

wheat grains

NDSU warns Elgin wheat sales could be in violation of breeders rights

Some U.S. seedsmen may be approaching Canadians to sell them certified Elgin-ND seed

FP Genetics is the only legal source for Elgin-ND pedigreed seed in Canada and this spring all its seed is going to Western Canadian seed growers to produce certified seed for commercial production in 2016. Those who try to get seed from American suppliers are breaking plant breeders’ rights laws and face heavy penalties, warns

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Biosecurity measures key to combating crop diseases

Potato wart, potato cyst nematode, bacterial wilt (or brown rot) and bacterial ring rot 
are all diseases of concern to Manitoba potato growers in 2015

The risk of devastating losses from potato pests can be managed through crop biosecurity measures, says Vikram Bisht, an extension plant pathologist for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. As part of his presentation at Manitoba Potato Production Days in Brandon in January, Bisht issued a call to action to potato growers to stay ahead

Craig Price

Message to cattle producers: Don’t cut back on BSE testing

The latest BSE case only increases the need for Canada to test 30,000 animals yearly

Keep calm and carry on testing. That’s the message going out to producers following the latest case of BSE in an Alberta cow. “At times like this, it’s as important, if not more so, to continue with surveillance and be vigilant,” Canadian Food Inspection Agency official Craig Price told attendees at the recent Alberta Beef

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Faller, Prosper recommended for interim registration

The endorsement signals new flexibility in the registration system as 
neither fits any of Western Canada’s current wheat classes

Faller and sister variety Prosper, both high-yielding American Dark Northern Spring wheats, have been recommended for a three-year interim registration, marking a seismic shift in Western Canada’s wheat registration system. Faller has been grown under identify preserved (IP) contracts in Manitoba for two years. The Prairie Recommending Committee for Wheat, Rye and Triticale, a panel