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Timelines to redistribute excess food supplies will vary on the types of food being delivered.

Feds roll out Surplus Food Rescue Program dollars

Seven groups will distribute excess food to those in need

Food Banks Canada and seven other organizations have been selected by the federal government to redistribute excess food supplies to communities in need. The Surplus Food Rescue Program was created in May with $50 million in funding as part of Ottawa’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We wanted the projects to be all inclusive, from

One in seven Manitoba households experience food insecurity, according to Food Matters Manitoba.

Video series busts hunger myths

The short, educational videos tell individual stories of food insecurity, and offer solutions

A new video series seeks to bust myths about Manitobans facing food insecurity while highlighting causes and solutions. “The release of these videos could not be timelier,” said Rob Moquin, executive director of Food Matters Manitoba in a news release. “Even before the current COVID-19 crisis, food insecurity among Manitoba’s families was on the rise,” he added.

WFP says Yemen food aid being stolen in Houthi-run areas

Geneva | Reuters — Food aid meant for starving Yemenis is being stolen and sold in some areas controlled by the Houthi movement, the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) said on Monday. The Houthis control most towns and cities including the capital Sanaa, from where they ousted Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government in 2014. A Saudi-led

Editorial: Food solitudes

World Food Day on Oct. 16 shed light on some confusing twists around global food security. The annual UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) event dating back to 1945 now falls five days after another big day — World Obesity Day, established by the World Obesity Foundation in 2015 to highlight the growing epidemic expected

Editorial: Food for thought

The federal government has suddenly taken an interest in food. It is about much more than growing agriculture and food exports, although that’s certainly one of the stated goals. It is beginning discussions toward a national food policy for the country. As Glacier FarmMedia staff writer John Greig outlined in a recent article (“Farm and

The FAO’s principles of sustainability say yield should not be the only criterion for farming, and that current intensification is detrimental to crop and animal biodiversity.

Defining just what ‘sustainable agriculture’ really means

The term ‘sustainable agriculture’ is used often, but what does it mean? The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently issued these five principles to define sustainable agriculture. 1. Improving efficiency in the use of resources is crucial to sustainable agriculture. Modifying current practices can do much to improve the productivity of many food

Prairies led increase in food bank use

Alberta saw a 23 per cent increase in food bank use due to the economic downturn

Visits to food banks across Canada have increased again this year with Alberta recording the biggest increase because of job losses in the oil and gas industry, reports Food Banks Canada. During March, 852,137 people, more than a third children, showed up at Canadian food banks, an increase of 1.3 per cent over the same

Editorial: Keep talking about farm safety

We’re going out on a limb here to say the farmers featured in this week’s front-page story are courageous, not because they survived their harrowing ordeal, but because they are talking about it. The father and son duo made a mistake that could have ended tragically. Joel Dewitz admits to feeling pretty sheepish about the

This photo depicts a portion of downtown Brandon’s ‘food desert,’ or part of the city where no large grocery stores are easily reached by those who rely on public transit.

Study reveals downtown Brandon is a ‘food desert’

Brandon food study reveals some have 
a long trip to grocery stores

Forty minutes in a car can take you from one town to the next in Westman, but that’s as long as some Brandonites spend riding the bus one way to go for groceries in the city. Lack of access to grocery stores is highlighted in a new report, called the Brandon Community Food Assessment, released