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Food bills will rise in 2018

Food bills will rise in 2018

Weather conditions and a switch to convenience foods will drive the trend

The average Canadian family of four will be paying $348 more to feed themselves in 2018, with total expenditures pegged to rise to $11,948. That’s according to the eighth annual Canada’s Food Price Report jointly released Dec. 13 by Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph. “Canadians want to know what will impact the prices

Report cites concerns related to the “normalization” of processed and packaged foods” and concerns that the next generation’s food choices will be limited because they lack confidence to prepare food.  photo: thinkstock

New report says improved food literacy key to a healthier life

Conference Board of Canada says too many people can’t understand nutrition labels, 
make a meal in their kitchen, or stick to a food budget to reduce waste

Improved food literacy would improve the health of Canadian adults and children, says a new report from the Conference Board of Canada. The number of books, television programs and websites dedicated to food — not to mention diets — continue to multiply, but our understanding of food isn’t necessarily getting better, says the 46-page report.

McKenzie Seeds Shows Off Its New Location

The recession has actually helped Canada’s largest packet seed company and the local-food trend and food scares are also boosting business. “We have noticed that there has been an increased interest in gardening in the last couple of seasons, which may be attributed to the uncertain economy and contributing factors such as food safety,” said

Snapshots Of Going Organic In Manitoba

A farm-based processor There’s more money to be made in processing.” Gerard and Marie-Paule De Ruyck began the switch to organic on their Swan Lake farm in 2001. That year they broke up 25 acres of pasture, sowed and harvested what turned out to be a very good field of oats and never looked back.