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Snow cover in southern Manitoba has been sparse this winter, as shown across this field east of Starbuck, Man. (MarketsFarm photo by Glen Hallick)

Wet or dry spring ahead? Depends on where in Canada

MarketsFarm — There will be increased in risk of flooding this spring in British Columbia, western Alberta and parts of Eastern Canada, according to a report Friday from AccuWeather. Meanwhile, dry conditions are expected to continue across the Prairies. AccuWeather’s report forecasts below-normal temperatures for B.C. and western Alberta going into spring. That could delay

Water bound for the increasingly stressed dam at Rivers pools at Rapid City July 1.

Province announces disaster financial assistance for three 2020 floods

Southwest and southeast saw disastrous overland flooding after heavy rains in June, July

The province will give disaster financial assistance for victims of three high-water events this year, announced infrastructure minister Ron Schuler today. Schuler pledged over $2 million to communities in Southeastern Manitoba. Heavy rains in early June caused heavy overland flooding along the Rat River and in six southeastern municipalities. Local news outlet Steinbach Online reported

Fast running waters replace what was an approach just north of Brandon following intense thunderstorms that brought torrential rains.

After two major storms, Westman farmers are surveying the damage

Torrential rains last week plunged western municipalities 
into states of emergency as flooding wreaked havoc

For Ryan Niven of Rapid City, the overrunning roads, acres upon acres of flooded crops and states of emergency popping up across the region felt a lot like 2014 all over again. “Fortunately, we’re done spraying, so we’re not out trying to make a bunch of ruts right now, but I would say, infrastructure-wise, there’s

Roads south of Brandon on June 29, 2020 show the evidence of being overtopped by floodwaters the previous day.

PHOTOS: Water over WestMan

Based on the 30-year average, Manitoba Agriculture pegs the “climate normal” accumulated precipitation for what are typically the wettest months of the year — May, June and July — at 205 millimetres for the areas around Brandon, Rivers and Minnedosa. In the stretch of 2020 from June 28 into Canada Day, those areas received three

Pasture Flood

Dozens evacuated as floodwaters test Rivers dam

WEATHER: Residents downstream of Rivers, Man., are holding their breath as they wait to see if the dam, which holds back Lake Wahtopanah, will hold

Dan Lepp had gotten little rest by the time he drove away from his family’s mixed farm near Rivers the morning of July 2. Lepp, who farms downstream of the Rivers dam on the Little Saskatchewan River, was among dozens of residents in the Municipalities of Riverdale and Whitehead told to evacuate late last night

Flooded southeast Manitoba crops under threat

Flooded southeast Manitoba crops under threat

Initial reports suggest many farmers could soon be filing crop insurance claims

The final fate of flooded fields in southeastern Manitoba has yet to be determined, but initial reports aren’t good with the likely result that many affected insured farmers will submit crop insurance claims. “Approximately 20 to 30 per cent of the land in southern districts (of eastern Manitoba) was still unseeded and will now likely

Rain pounds southeast, leaves Interlake wanting

Rain pounds southeast, leaves Interlake wanting

Flooding caused by torrential rains over the weekend caused the RM of Stuartburn in southeastern Manitoba to declare a state of emergency. In announcement on June 8, the municipality advised residents that multiple roads were washed out and they should travel with extreme caution. CBC reported on June 9 that 20 roads were washed out

Flooding along the Rat River near La Rochelle.

‘Cautiously optimistic’ about flood prospect for Manitoba

Seasonally average weather should head off the worst of flooding along the Red River

Flooding along the Red River remains on track to hit at or below 2006 levels. “Everything is, at the present time, under control,” said Ralph Groening, reeve of the RM of Morris. Groening said he’s “cautiously optimistic” that they’ll see a relatively insignificant flood. At the end of March, the province’s flood outlook predicted that with average weather conditions,

Flooding picture still weather dependent

Flooding picture still weather dependent

What happens between now and spring here, and in the U.S. and Saskatchewan, will be the determining factors

The province continues to keep a watchful eye on spring flood conditions, but says the true picture won’t be clear until winter is over. The comments came from Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler February 4, in a release announcing a new Basin Conditions Report that provided an updated snapshot of river levels and soil moisture conditions. “The report will present Red River and Assiniboine River Basin conditions