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Flea beetle damage ‘moderate’ across Prairies so far

Levels in Manitoba hit thresholds for spraying, reseeding canola

MarketsFarm — Flea beetles, cutworms and diamondback moths are only a few of the pests Prairie farmers have to deal with — and this year, so far, damage from flea beetles and cutworms has varied, as have moth counts. “Flea beetles are common throughout the Prairies, everywhere we grow canola. We haven’t been able to

Flea beetles were aggressive feeders in 2019, leading to multiple spray passes for some farmers.

Year in review: Keep an eye out for these critters in 2020

Entomologist John Gavloski says these should be on your radar

Based on what went on in Manitoba fields this past season, producers may want to be on the lookout for several insects in 2020 that could potentially make a reappearance. At the top of the list are flea beetles, cutworms and grasshoppers, according to Manitoba’s provincial entomologist, John Gavloski. Speaking at the recent Manitoba Agronomists

Flea beetle reports are patchy, but farmers in western Manitoba say the bugs are out and they're hungry. In some cases, aggressive feeding has led to multiple spray passes.

Flea beetles in fields add to weather worries

Manitoba's dry weather, previous frost stress and recent heat means producers need to keep a close eye on flea beetle damage

The heat is back in the forecast, and so are the flea beetles. Manitoba Agriculture reported that the beetles were, “aggressively feeding in pockets,” and that some farmers were spraying for flea beetles in the last week of May. Lionel Kaskiw, farm production adviser with the province, says beetle pressure may get worse as the

In Your Co-operator this Week: June 6

Allan Dawson drills down into the numbers on falling farm income and deciphers what it actually means for Manitoba farmers. Among other things he found some cause for hope, including the fact farmers are entering this downturn from a strong position and that some commodities still saw rising cash receipts. Alexis Stockford looks at what’s

Dust flies behind a farmer’s harrows just east of Winnipeg on May 14, 2019.

Seeding on schedule but dry conditions concern

Pasture lands and forage crops are struggling to emerge because of cool, dry conditions

After an early start, followed by weather delays, seeding progression is on par with average, according to Manitoba Agriculture. “Last Saturday I got burned by the weatherman,” said Morris-area farmer Rolf Penner on May 14. He expected a storm, so he stayed parked. When rain barely materialized, he was left feeling behind schedule. Still, Penner

Neonic phase-out may limit flea beetle control tools

CNS Canada — The phasing out of neonicotinoid seed treatments in Canada may cause problems for the country’s canola growers when dealing with flea beetles — but alternatives pesticides could fill the gap. Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is proposing that two neonicotinoid pesticides, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, be phased out over the next

Ideal flea beetle weather hits canola fields hard

Flea beetle damage has been enough to tip the scales for some producers considering reseeding their canola

Canola growers are reaching for the insecticide or, in some cases, extra seed after a spring that has been friendly for the flea beetles, but less than optimal for the crop. Justine Cornelsen, western Manitoba agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, says she has heard some farmers intending to reseed after their first

Flea beetles take advantage of late seeding

CNS Canada — A heat wave in late May and a slow start to the planting season have created some ideal conditions for flea beetles. Pest specialists in Saskatchewan and Manitoba say farmers have already begun to spray for the beetle in certain locations. “They’ve been getting good conditions to feed under, they like it

University of Manitoba entomologist Tharshi Nagalingam breaks down the flea beetle threat at CanoLAB March 15, including what she says is a shift to more striped flea beetles in the province.

CanoLAB speaker: It’s time to check your flea beetle species

Striped flea beetles haven’t seen the dramatic rise here as they have in Alberta, but one of the CanoLAB speakers in Dauphin says the insects are still more common than they were decades ago

There’s a new flea beetle in town, at least according to some datasets. University of Manitoba entomologist Tharshi Nagalingam says striped flea beetles are on the rise in the province, something that may impact farmer choices on early management. “It affects them a lot because striped flea beetles are less susceptible for seed treatments… we

A lygus bug prepares to wreak havoc on a canola plant.

Be on the watch for insect-issue bleed over

Manitoba Agriculture’s 2017 insect summary may give 
producers an idea of what to scout for, as well as any rotation changes to avoid pest woes next season

Last year’s pest problems may give an idea of what to be on watch for next season. The insect summary for 2017 is in, and Manitoba Agriculture entomologist John Gavloski says the report may give producers valuable insight when planning scouting and, in some cases, rotations. Aphids unknown Not all insects carry over in the