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SWM’s flax-processing facility near Carman.

Flax facility near Carman to close

The plant didn’t provide much revenue for growers but it cleaned up nuisance flax straw

A Manitoba farmer fears the impending closure of a flax straw-processing facility near Carman may mean a decline in provincial flax acres. “I’m sure it will decrease the acres,” said Jack Hodgson, a delegate on the Manitoba Crop Alliance’s flax committee and a Roland-area farmer. “It’s just one more kick against growing flax when there

The Flax Council of Canada is seeking new members and is bouncing back from a period of inactivity.

Flax Council of Canada seeks new members

After closing its doors three years ago the council is making a comeback

[UPDATED: June 1, 2021] A reinvigorated Flax Council of Canada (FCC) is looking for new members as it focuses on market access issues, says its new CEO Wayne Thompson. “We’ve got a lot of players in the flax industry that haven’t been part of the Flax Council of Canada before,” Thompson said in an interview

Richardson International’s Jean-Marc Ruest says the company is willing to look at the canola council’s revised priorities, but for Richardson to rejoin the council it must see the benefits justify the cost.

Will Richardson International rejoin the Canola Council?

Jean-Marc Ruest says it all boils down to whether the benefits of membership outweigh the membership fee

Whether Richardson International will rejoin the Canola Council of Canada in the wake of a major review of funding and priorities is still uncertain. When interviewed last week Jean-Marc Ruest, the company’s senior vice-president of corporate affairs, didn’t rule it out but also didn’t leave the impression Canada’s biggest grain company is champing at the

Market access and boosting canola production remain top priorities, says the Canola Council of Canada

Canola council’s new priorities aim to be more efficient, effective

Changes are coming to promotion, agronomy and funding

The Canola Council of Canada has slashed its budget by 40 per cent for the upcoming year. The organization is revamping its priorities to be more effective and efficient in growing Canadian canola markets and production. The changes, which include a shift in canola promotion, the council’s role in agronomy and funding, received unanimous support

The Flax Council of Canada closed its office on Jan. 31, 2018. Photo: File

Flax Council of Canada joins up with Canola Council

Winnipeg | CNS Canada – The Flax Council of Canada has announced a new operating structure; restructuring its board and joining forces with the Canola Council of Canada. The move comes six months after the council shuttered its Winnipeg office and reduced its services. “It’s clear that Canadian flax has tremendous potential, both on the

canola plant

Comment: A method to its madness

There’s more to Richardson’s canola council withdrawal than meets the eye

Canola is a Canadian success story and there’s no disputing the Canola Council of Canada’s role in making it so. That’s why when Richardson International, Canada’s largest grain company, didn’t renew its council membership in 2018, there was shock, disappointment, concern and even anger. Why would Richardson suddenly pull out of an organization with a

Six tips for better flax agronomy

Six tips for better flax agronomy

For years, flax has been the ugly stepsister to Cinderella crops such as canola. But with the right agronomy and new varieties, flax might be the belle of the ball. The long-term Canadian average yield for flax is roughly 21 bushels per acre, said Rachel Evans, agronomist for the Flax Council of Canada. Improving flax

Editorial: Divided we fall

A metaphorical bombshell exploded this week over the corner of Portage and Main, the historic heart of Canada’s grain trade. Richardson International, Winnipeg’s largest homegrown grain trader, is pulling its financial support out of the Canola Council of Canada, Soy Canada and the Flax Council of Canada. As a result, the flax council has already

Flax Council of Canada clarifies its transition

Flax Council of Canada clarifies its transition

The council will close its physical office Jan. 31 and the Manitoba 
Flax Growers Association, which shares the facility, is leaving it too

The Flax Council of Canada will continue operating with a part-time administrator after closing its office in downtown Winnipeg Jan. 31, council president Brian Johnson said in an interview Jan. 15. Meanwhile, the Manitoba Flax Growers Association, which shares that office in the old Grain Exchange Building, will also leave at the end of this

Flax Council of Canada agronomist Rachel Evans, shown here at left at a test plot site near Melita, Man. in July 2017, was the council’s most recent hire. (Manitoba Co-operator photo by Alexis Stockford)

Flax Council of Canada to shut office

The national promotional agency for Canada’s flax industry plans to move forward without a bricks-and-mortar office starting next month. The Flax Council of Canada announced Monday its downtown Winnipeg office, which it shares with the Manitoba Flax Growers Association, will close effective Jan. 31. Going forward, the council said it will “continue to operate on