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Farmer and activist Percy Schmeiser, 89

Thorn in Monsanto's side also the subject of a new major film

Funeral services are to be held and livestreamed Saturday for Prairie farmer, businessman and activist Percy Schmeiser, best known for his ultimately unsuccessful court battles with the company behind Roundup Ready canola. Schmeiser, who farmed at Bruno, Sask., about 90 km east of Saskatoon, died Tuesday at age 89. According to Saskatchewan media, he had

Journey for Sight roars into communities

Lions are recognized worldwide for their humanitarian services to the blind and visually impaired. This recognition began when Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become “knights of the blind” in 1925. Keller (1880-1968), was left blind, deaf and mute by illness when only 19 months of age. Despite these staggering handicaps, Keller went on to

The Jacksons

Jennifer Jackson stood at the dining room window of the Jackson house gazing out across the yard and up the driveway and down the empty beyond. “I thought they were going to be here at two o’clock,” she said. “Where the heck are they?” Andrew looked up from the sports section. “As Winnie the Pooh

Grain-handling history available online

A train rushes across the Prairies, taking rail cars of grain from country elevators to terminal elevators at Thunder Bay, Ontario. It’s a scene that could be from any year. But this train is a steam engine and the year is 1955, as seen in the documentary “Grain Handling in Canada” which is available for

Flower Sales Soar In February

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, and with it the annual rose promotion opportunity. While Old Man Winter is blowing icy breath at us, many of us take the most delicate of flowers home by the dozens. How long they last is anybody’s guess, but in the meantime, they have helped many a romance bloom.

Dairy Farmers Decide On New Digs

Manitoba milk producers are going to have a new home. Dairy Farmers of Manitoba has decided on a new 15,800-square-foot office building to replace the current 22-year-old one located in south Winnipeg. DFM’s annual meeting last week passed a resolution to construct a new $5-million facility to house the milk board’s office, warehouse and milk-testing

Open For Business

Residents of the South Mountain area can now enjoy the Generations Tea Room located at 117 Main Street in Sandy Lake, Manitoba. Kerry and Carrie Campbell purchased land in the town in October of 2009, eventually building a house and moving from Brandon to take up residence there in June of this year. When Tommy’s

Shoot, But Don’t Slaughter

If letter writer Carol Thomas (Stop Importing Slaughter Horses, July 1 Manitoba Co-operator) would like my advice on what to do with her old, lame, or sick horses, I would suggest she have them humanely euthanized. If that’s not something she can afford then, yes, I would prefer to see them take a bullet in

Saving Seed A Farmer’s Right

NDP agriculture critic Alex Atamanenko has reintroduced a Private Member’s Bill from the last Parliament to ban “terminator seed technology” in Canada. Bill C-353, the Terminator Seed Ban Act, aims to protect the right of Canadian farmers to save and reuse seeds by banning the release, sale, importation and use of Variety Genetic Use Restriction