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Opinion: Election didn’t offer much for PM options

Opinion: Election didn’t offer much for PM options

It was an election of voting against, not voting for

As yet another federal election wound down as press time approached, it was discouraging to see so many Canadians once again disgruntled with their options – but I can’t blame them. Leading into this election, the governing Liberals had already spent much of the political capital they earned following their 2015 sweep to victory. Optimism

Marie-Claude Bibeau, Dave Epp, Yves Perron and Alistair MacGregor laid out their parties’ positions in an agriculture leaders’ debate on Sept. 9, 2021. (Video screengrab from Canadian Federation of Agriculture via YouTube)

Federal support for farmers focus of ag leaders’ debate

AgriStability, carbon levy exemptions, supply management among topics

An agricultural debate ahead of the federal election gave representatives from political parties an opportunity to pitch their ideas to producers, resulting in debate over how best to support farmers. Thursday evening’s debate, hosted by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, had plenty of discussion about climate change and how best to support producers in a

Marie-Claude Bibeau, Luc Berthold and Alistair MacGregor all held their seats in the Oct. 21, 2019 federal election. (Dave Bedard photos; MacGregor video screengrab from

Voters return Canada’s agriculture minister, ag critics

Canada’s incumbent minister of agriculture and agri-food and all three of her opposition critics in the House of Commons held their seats in Monday night’s federal election. As of about 2 a.m. CT on Tuesday, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals held onto power in a minority government with 157 of 338 seats, ahead of Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives

Farmers need to ask political candidates and their parties what their plans are to encourage growth and development in Canadian agriculture.

Comment: Food, technology and the election

Canadian agriculture can’t become a political football — it’s too important for that

We love technology. Apple brings out a new cellphone and there are lineups around the block. We are talking to our own houses these days as our homes become “smart.” And our houses are talking back (I think the Irish Rovers had a song about that). Yet, when it comes to technology and agriculture, the

If political parties are unwilling to defend modern farming — the foundation of the nation’s export-oriented agricultural economy — they should tell farmers now.

Make modern agriculture an election issue

Bill Campbell and Cam Dahl fear opponents to new technology will derail agricultural productivity, sustainability and undermine Canada’s economy

Modern Canadian agriculture faces an existential threat that farmers should be raising as an issue in the federal election. That’s the view of two Manitoba-based agricultural leaders — Bill Campbell, president of the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), Manitoba’s general farm organization, and Cereals Canada president Cam Dahl. Both came to their positions independently, without consulting

The biggest complaint coming from farmers is with AgriStability, the farm risk management program.

Other agriculture issues farmers want political candidates to address

Farm groups seek action on risk management, carbon tax and other topics

Business risk management, trade, labour, and climate change mitigation are some of the top issues farmers want candidates to address during the current federal election campaign. Farmers, and the major federal parties, agree agriculture is an important driver of Canada’s economy and can potentially contribute more by increasing agri-food exports, Keystone Agricultural Producers’ president Bill

Politics and a renewed vigour of nationalism are making it increasingly difficult for international trade.

Agricultural trade looms as election issue

Farmers, most of whom rely on exports know it, and so does Ottawa as both face rising protectionism

Continuing trade turmoil is top of mind for Canadian farmers and the federal government heading into the October federal election. The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) is demanding the government bulldoze barriers to Canadian agricultural exports. The Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) has issued recommendations to protect and enhance Canadian agriculture and food exports.

With a federal election looming the CFA is trying to push agriculture up the agenda.

CFA pushes ag agenda for coming election

The group wants to draw attention to the agri-food sector in the looming federal campaign

With an eye-catching button and a pledge for politicians to sign, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture has kicked off its Producing Prosperity in Canada initiative. It aims to make it into a key talking point during the October federal election campaign. Producing Prosperity is aimed at building political support in all parties for policies that

VIDEO: Lawrence MacAulay sworn in

VIDEO: Lawrence MacAulay sworn in

Manitoba Co-operator reporter Shannon VanRaes was on-hand in Ottawa as Canada’s new agriculture minister made his first public remarks on Parliament Hill. Lawrence MacAulay has represented Prince Edward Island in the House of Commons since 1988 was also a cabinet minister under Jean Chretien. He said his first order of business will be to meet