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Every month each of the 30 women in the Del Agro group put money into a pot. They draw a name and present the winner, who can use it to invest in an improvement on her own farm, to pay school fees or help another woman start a business of her own. The money is hers to distribute, or invest, wherever she wants and it’s not repayable.

Farming better in Uganda — with Canadian help

An organization founded by a CBC broadcaster now helps millions of farmers in 38 countries in Africa

Uganda has some of the most fertile land on Earth and is home to thousands of smallholder farmers who feed the country relying on just two basic tools — a machete and a hoe. In some ways their situation is similar to that of Prairie homesteaders early in the last century, who also relied on

Sumner Leaves Manitoba Pulse Growers Association

Chris Sumner stepped down as executive director of the Manitoba Pulse Growers Association (MPGA) June 1 to be news director for Golden West Radio’s two stations in Winkler, CKMW and The Eagle. Sumner star ted with the MPGA in February 2008. Sumner began his career in radio in 2000, becoming Golden West Radio’s farm broadcaster

CGC Security Remains Until There Are Replacements: Ritz

“We’re not removing (CGC security) holusbolus. We’ll only do it in light of something better being offered for producers.” – AGRICULTURE MINISTER GERRY RITZ Farmers nervous about losing the Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) security program that protects against payment defaults on delivered grain can rest easier knowing it will remain until there are replacements. That’s

Ritz Gets Facts Wrong On CGC Security Program

“We need to make sure security actually provides security for farmers.” – Gerry Ritz Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz told a radio interviewer last week the existing Canadian Grain Commission security provisions for grain companies that fail don’t work and should be scrapped. In an interview with Golden West Radio’s farm broadcaster Kelvin Heppner, Ritz said