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Bayer, Corteva among companies stepping off Facebook

Major firms pledge to pause advertising for July

A couple of major players in the agriculture sector are on an expanding list of major companies pausing advertising on Facebook for the month of July in pursuit of policy changes at the U.S.-based social media giant. Bayer and Corteva Agriscience recently announced they have joined the #stophateforprofit campaign, backed by organizations including the Anti-Defamation

The Stepplers’ bull sales have been boosted by live streaming on social media.

Selling the farm life, byte by byte

Producers are turning to the internet to market their farms and their practices

It’s not hard to keep track of what’s happening on Steppler Farms, west of Miami. A quick scroll through their blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feeds shows pictures taken in the field, videos of feeding cattle, links to articles and posts on everything from beehive management to family birthdays. On screen, Ian Steppler appears in

Editorial: Drilling for data

The recent headline in the tech magazine Wired cut straight to the point. “Data is the new oil of the digital economy,” it proclaimed. Data is everywhere, it said, an immensely valuable and untapped resource that will drive the digital economy forward just as oil fuelled the industrial economy. Vast fortunes are available for the

Tech giants should join global land rights campaign

Treating land insecurity like a disease will help eradicate it in the same way

Global technology giants such as Google and Facebook must join the battle for land rights and help spearhead an international campaign to eradicate insecurity of tenure as if it were an infectious disease, land experts told a World Bank conference. Stig Enemark, professor emeritus of Land Management at Denmark’s Aalborg University, and British land reform

Scientists take sides: Who’s right about glyphosate?

London | Reuters — The latest dispute to blow up around the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concerns glyphosate, an ingredient in one of the world’s most widely-used herbicides, Roundup, made by Monsanto. In March 2015, an IARC monograph concluded that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic.” Yet seven months later the European Food Safety

Karen Burton

Social media — use it, but have a plan

Communication specialist provides advice on how to create a social media presence

Being a part of the online community is no longer a choice if you want to be relevant in today’s business world, says Karen Burton, marketing and communication co-ordinator with the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba. “It is not a matter of if you should be on social media, you have to be on social media.

Can rhubarb become toxic?

Prairie Fare: Rhubarb Cake

Do you remember the “telephone” game? You might have played it when you were a kid. In the game, one person whispers a message into the ear of the person next to him or her, then that person repeats the message to the person next to him or her and so on. By the end

Where do you get your recipes?

Prairie Fare: Reduced-Fat Morning Glory Muffins

Let’s starting cooking!” I said with enthusiasm to my daughter. “Mom, what’s the difference between cooking and baking?” my 11-year-old daughter asked. We were about to bake some bread, so I think she was associating cookies and breads with baking. My husband chuckled when he saw me wrinkling my brow and pondering her question. Is

Farm women’s conference focuses on tech skills, info technology

The Manitoba farm women’s conference has become a deep tradition in Manitoba, with a second generation now sending their daughters. That’s because it’s stayed true to its role providing networking opportunities and resources rural and farm women need, say conference attendees. Tracy Chappell, who farms and runs a seed company with her husband at Hamiota,

Cattle market report

Activity was on the quiet side at auction yards across the province during the week ended June 7. Only a handful of Manitoba’s cattle markets held sales, as marketings slow down heading into the summer. Of the sales that were held at Winnipeg, Brandon, Virden and Grunthal, volumes were varied, ranging from as little as