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Designated rodeos allow younger students to participate instead of just watching.

Manitoba Little Buckaroo rodeos

Kindergarten to Grade 5 division now a part of high 
school association

Striving to keep interest of the sport of rodeo at the forefront and ensure its future, the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association continues to offer events geared to the younger ages. Designated rodeos allow students in kindergarten to Grade 5 to participate instead of just watching from the rail. The Manitoba Little Buck­aroo (MLB) rodeos

A horse’s posture can tell you a lot about its health

Horse Health: Teaching a horse how to properly carry a rider can protect its long-term health

If a horse is not educated to carry a rider properly, the horse will not be able to perform to its full potential and over time various lameness and behavioural problems will likely result. It may not happen immediately, but as the duration of being ridden poorly increases, so does the likelihood of problems for

The art of longeing horses

Horse Health: There is more to this form of training than going in circles

At its most basic level, longeing (pronounced lunging) is a seemingly simple exercise. It asks a horse to move in circles around a handler. However, execution of this exercise can be either very beneficial or very detrimental to the horse, depending on “how” it is done. How a horse carries its body as it travels

Bull riding is among the events that Tyson Salmon competes in.

Stonewall student is an all-around cowboy

Tyson Salmon has developed a work ethic through involvement in the MHSRA

Developing a work ethic through high school rodeo, Tyson Salmon, a Stonewall Collegiate student, has been involved in the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) since 2009. He has impressed family and friends in becoming an all-around cowboy. As a rough stock competitor he has competed in bull riding, and in timed events — tie-down

Hamiota woman rides in India

Sole representative from Canada participates in endurance ride Excited to be the sole rider to represent Canada, Prue Critchley shared her passion for endurance riding on India soil this year. Critchley, who lives between Hamiota and Shoal Lake with her husband Andrew, received an official invitation to participate in the Himalayan Endurance Ride competition from

The deep relationship between horse and rider

Riders are aware of the numerous aids, equipment and body positions employed to influence a horse’s movement. However, few are aware of the much deeper exchange — what is not so readily obvious is that a rider’s own health and balance is intimately intertwined with the well-being of their horse. Few riders look towards themselves

Hoof Beats of HOPE to auction off horse

The Fellowship of Christian Cowboys (Manitoba chapter), is looking to make a difference today and tomorrow for the children, their families and staff at the Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg through a special fundraising initiative called Hoof Beats of HOPE. The idea was put forth by Manitoba chapter president, Terry Baker of Newdale, however, it has

Chloe Potvin was among the young cowgirls competing at Minnedosa.

Minnedosa named “Rodeo of the Year”

Second time for local community attraction

Others agree that the Minnedosa Valley is a great place to watch the sport of rodeo, as the Minnedosa Rodeo Committee takes pride in seeing the event named the Rodeo of the Year for 2012 by the Heartland Rodeo Association. The local community attraction held this past summer also earned the title in 2009. “This

Passionate about Rodeo

Quietness may be a trait of a young Oak River, Manitoba girl, but only until you get her talking about the sport of rodeo. Nine years ago, Hanna Kristjanson enjoyed the company of her first pony, Miss Kitty, and started leisurely riding at the age of four. Prior to becoming an avid rodeo cowgirl, she

Build a Cowboy

The Manitoba High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) is among the groups promoting the “Build a Cowboy” program, which is geared to newcomers to the sport of rodeo, who have an interest in becoming a rough stock cowboy — bareback, saddle bronc and bull riding. Male students interested in becoming an eight-second cowboy had their opportunity