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With farmers in the fields worldwide, many are facing sticker shock over high fuel costs.

Farmers worldwide struggle with rising fuel costs

It’s leading some farmers to change their management practices or lock in prices months in advance

Farmers worldwide are feeling the pinch as fuel costs rise to near four-year highs just as they plant and harvest their fields, eroding agricultural income already hamstrung by depressed crop prices. The agricultural sector from the United States to Russia, and Brazil to Europe, is seeing profits harmed by the rise in diesel prices. The

Alberta Fund Leery Of Agricultural Bubble

The global commodity boom is driving prices for agricultural assets to near bubble levels and the best opportunities may be found in related investments, the head of one of Canada’s biggest pension funds warned. “I must get an agricultural play in my inbox once a day or once every couple of days and that’s usually

Global Energy, Food, Water Shortages On The Horizon

By 2015, the world will have arrived at the summit of global crude oil production, according to John Oliver, president of Maple Leaf Bio-Concepts. After that point, depletion rates of roughly four to six per cent per year in the world’s “easy” oilfields will leave an ever-shrinking pool of the precious resource to power the

Yara Buys Terra Industries

Norway’s Yara agreed to buy Terra Industries for $4.1 billion to create the world’s biggest mineral fertilizer producer and boost its U. S. presence, as rivals look to join forces to gain size and reach. Norway’s biggest-ever foreign takeover announcement Feb. 15 comes a month after U. S. CF Industries Holdings withdrew its year-long hostile

Are U. S. Ethanol Producers Making Money Now?

The past year was challenging for the U. S. ethanol industry because at least a dozen ethanol plants filed for bankruptcy nationwide. However, profit margins for many plants have improved recently. This begs the question: Are ethanol plants making money now? Data provided by Iowa State University’s Agricultural Marketing Research Center shows ethanol production was

Ethanol slump blindsides U. S. corn growers

Shrinking ethanol profits and a deepening recession that helped topple biofuels giant VeraSun into bankruptcy last month will force U. S. farmers to be far more skeptical of their corn buyers in the future. Farmers welcomed the rapid expansion of ethanol producers whose deep pockets helped propel the price of corn to record highs. But

Cargill posts healthy profit

Cargill Inc. posted a 62 per cent rise in quarterly earnings Oct. 13, led largely by its industrial business. Cargill, one of the world’s largest private corporations, said earnings rose to $1.49 billion in the first quarter ended Aug. 31 from $917 million a year earlier. “Cargill realized a strong start to our new fiscal

Commodity prices at mercy of world economy

“You can cut rates to the bone, but if nobody’s willing to lend you money, it doesn’t really matter.” – U. S. Market Aanalyst Phil Flynn Further declines in oil and metals prices after co-ordinated global interest rate cuts suggest that commodities will not return to their giddy heights until the world economy is on