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Manitoba Crop Alliance fills corn committee

Manitoba Crop Alliance fills corn committee

The new delegates have been voted onto the body by their farming peers

Four farmers have been elected to the Manitoba Crop Alliance’s corn committee. Dean Toews (MacGregor), Carl Bangert (Beausejour), Emile Morin (Otterburne) and Hubert Preun (St. Andrews) were the elected delegates with the highest number of votes. Following the crop committee delegate nominations in September and October five names were put forward for four positions on

Comment: Election winds blowing big change in U.S.

In the recent U.S. election, one of the most prominent Dem losers was longtime ag committee chairman Collin Peterson. The race to be the new chair is already underway. The three front-runners — Georgian David Scott, Californian Jim Costa, and Ohioan Marcia Fudge — each represent a different direction. Scott and Fudge are stronger advocates

File photo of U.S. President Donald Trump taking questions from reporters in March 2019. The U.S. election held on Nov. 3, 2020, has not given the 45th president a second term in office.

Editor’s Take: Electoral train wrecks

I was texting with a retired farmer acquaintance this week about the U.S. election while he was deer hunting in the sandhills of western Saskatchewan. Like a lot of Canadians, he wanted to follow the unfolding events, even though he wasn’t in a reliable cellphone service area. So I’d agreed to keep him filled in

Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Indiana are being considered swing states – each also ranks among the country’s top 10 agricultural-producing states.

Opinion: No winner for Canadian farmers

No matter the outcome of the U.S. election, subsidies are going to keep flowing

No matter who wins the upcoming election in the United States, Canadian farmers can expect to continue facing tough competition from their heavily subsidized peers south of the border. Fairly early in his 2016 election bid, it became clear producers saw Trump as the favoured candidate. His nationalist rhetoric helped win farmers over. A candidate

Comment: Now would be a good time for some honest dishonesty

As the U.S. election looms, it makes one pine for simpler political times

Somewhere in southern Illinois there’s a high school yearbook that contains a photo of me and another student leaning against a classroom wall on either side of a 1972 campaign poster of a smiling Richard Nixon. The caption writer, another student, notes that my buddy and I are “standing” with our man, the then incumbent

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Five acclamations in Alberta Wheat Commission election

Three directors and two regional representatives for the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) were acclaimed, according to a statement issued by the commission. Each of the five regions of the AWC includes two directors and three regional representatives, serving a maximum of two consecutive terms of three years. The directors are sitting members of the board

If political parties are unwilling to defend modern farming — the foundation of the nation’s export-oriented agricultural economy — they should tell farmers now.

Make modern agriculture an election issue

Bill Campbell and Cam Dahl fear opponents to new technology will derail agricultural productivity, sustainability and undermine Canada’s economy

Modern Canadian agriculture faces an existential threat that farmers should be raising as an issue in the federal election. That’s the view of two Manitoba-based agricultural leaders — Bill Campbell, president of the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), Manitoba’s general farm organization, and Cereals Canada president Cam Dahl. Both came to their positions independently, without consulting

The biggest complaint coming from farmers is with AgriStability, the farm risk management program.

Other agriculture issues farmers want political candidates to address

Farm groups seek action on risk management, carbon tax and other topics

Business risk management, trade, labour, and climate change mitigation are some of the top issues farmers want candidates to address during the current federal election campaign. Farmers, and the major federal parties, agree agriculture is an important driver of Canada’s economy and can potentially contribute more by increasing agri-food exports, Keystone Agricultural Producers’ president Bill

United States fifty dollar bill

Comment: House GOP could claim Farm Bill victory despite electoral defeat

Outgoing congressional representatives may deliver President Trump 
with a legislative victory before they head for the door

A week before American voters decided whether the midterm elections would deliver a red wave or a blue wave,, the non-partisan group that tracks money in politics, made a spot-on prediction: the biggest wave on Nov. 6 would be green. Think greenbacks, that is, because this year’s political candidates, OpenSecrets estimated, would spend US$5.2