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Farm business coach Elaine Froese credits the lessons and skills attained in 4-H for her career choices.

A head to clearer thinking

4-H Canada has chosen Manitoba farm business coach Elaine Froese to receive the first 4-H Canada Distinguished Alumni Award

People often ask Elaine Froese when she first began public speaking. Her reply is always ‘when I was nine.’ That’s when the Boissevain-based farm business coach, today giving lively talks to audiences all across North America, started 4-H — with the Dugald 4-H Club. And like many who recall that first speech given somewhere in

Opportunities for education and developing supportive networks are vital for women’s good mental health, says speakers who will attend the Manitoba Rural Women’s Day events being held in October.

Rural Women’s Day to focus on mental health and wellness

The Manitoba Women’s Institute is hosting two separate events bringing together a broad range of speakers on the theme ‘A Healthy Mind is a Treasure to Find’

Rural and farm women face the same day-to-day pressures and stress as those who live in urban areas, but they also face unique challenges when it comes to staying well mentally. For one, there are fewer services and supports available to those who juggle not just dual but triple roles of family, work and a

Trent Clark and wife Judy have had many discussions about succession with their three sons — both as a group and individually — so everyone can talk about their hopes and plans.

Start succession planning with a conversation — and then keep talking

Trent Clark has heard many succession ‘horror stories’ and is making sure 
that everyone in his family is on the same page

Working on your farm management skills is like exercising… it pays big benefits, but it’s easy to push it off for another day. Only one-third of producers use business advisers or risk management tools, and fewer still do HR, succession, or strategic planning. To help make your farm more profitable (and your life more enjoyable),

“I call it the tsunami of agriculture. It’s this big, giant, silent wave that’s going to hit people but they don’t even know they’re going to get hit and there’s no warning signs being flashed off.” – Elaine Froese, certified farm family coach and succession planning expert.

Farm succession plans lacking, poll shows

Just 30 per cent of farms have done formal succession planning

Most farmers expect to retire and hand over the farm to family, but few appear to be doing anything to ensure it happens, according to results of a newly released Ipsos Reid poll of Canadian farmers. Just 30 per cent of 455 farmers polled for the 2015 Canadian Agricultural Outlook Survey said they are doing

Elaine Froese

Silence isn’t golden if you want the family farm to prosper

Farm family coach and succession planner Elaine Froese says families need to get better at navigating their personal relationships and emotions — because their farm business depends on it

Farmers — particularly the male version — have a reputation for keeping their feelings hidden. But anyone who thinks emotions don’t affect business decisions on the farm is just fooling themselves. Just take a look at what’s in the yard, farm family coach and succession planner Elaine Froese said at the recent Manitoba Special Crops