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chickens in a barn

Editorial: It’s time to rethink poultry production

The bird flu epidemic has wiped out 12 per cent of U.S. egg-laying capacity in a matter of weeks

The numbers surrounding the bird flu epidemic change each day. But they are staggering. Early this week, the USDA was reporting 197 confirmed outbreaks among poultry flocks with losses of 44.6 million fowl, many of them egg-laying hens. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) predicts the number of birds affected will climb to 50

Robin on nest

Why do some songbirds warm eggs longer than others?

Birds with a short lifespan put more effort into incubating their young

The amount of care parents provide their young varies greatly across the animal kingdom, particularly among songbird species, who spend anywhere from 20 per cent to nearly 100 per cent of daylight hours warming eggs in their nests. A team of researchers led by Thomas Martin, senior scientist and professor at UM’s Montana Cooperative Wildlife

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How to manage splurges at big-box food stores

Prairie Fare: Avocado Egg Scramble

Are we going to buy a pallet of baked beans today?” my husband teased. I grabbed the handle of the van-sized grocery cart and began strolling through the towers of food in the warehouse where food is sold in bulk quantities. I put a large bag of avocados in my cart even though I had

scrambled eggs

Feast your eyes on eggs

Prairie Fare: A recipe for Egg Muffins

When I was a toddler, my aunt often picked me up and took me out to eat at our local café. I chose the same menu item whether we went out for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack. “I’ll have trampled ‘oggs’ and totes,” I said to the waitress. I was about two years old

The rooster’s wake-up call

Anyone who has lived on or near a farmyard with chickens is well aware of the rooster’s ability to trumpet the arrival of morning long before the sun peeks over the horizon. But roosters have been delivering a wake-up call of a different sort lately — sounding the alarm over the risks inherent with the

Genetic tweaking caused a fertility problem in Ross roosters, which sire 25 per cent of the commercial broiler flock in theU.S.and virtually all of Canada’s.

Infertile roosters increase shortage in U.S. chicken supplies

Canadian hatcheries depend on U.S. imports but have been unaffected to date

A genetic problem in a key breed of U.S. rooster could affect Canada’s broiler chicken industry, which imports nearly all its parent breeding stock from south of the border. The U.S. is already experiencing a shortage of breeder birds and the genetic issue could make supplies even tighter, American officials say. If that happens, it

Heritage chickens help raise funds with eggs

The University of Alberta has gotten into the egg business in a bid to maintain its flocks of heritage chickens. “We’ll raise the chicken for you and you get eggs every two weeks,” said Agnes Kulinski, business director of the university’s Poultry Research Centre. The centre, which has about 1,500 heritage-breed chickens, has an “adopt-a-heritage-hen”

Eating the whole egg better for heart health

The American Egg Board is promoting new research that suggests eating the whole egg is better for heart health than only egg whites. While consumers concerned about their cholesterol have been advised to limit their consumption of eggs to just the whites, a study involving middle-aged men and women with metabolic syndrome (a combination of

Our history: Dec. 19, 1957

Many readers were still in the egg business in 1957, based on ads in our Dec. 19 issue that year. This Roto-Egg washer sold for $19.95 complete, and could clean and sanitize up to 10 dozen eggs every three to five minutes. An ad for Double-Duty Egg Shell Maker from Winnipeg Supply and Fuel appeared

Urban poultry enthusiasts want bylaw changed

Winnipeg chicken flocks may still run a “fowl” of the city’s exotic animal bylaw, but activists hope city changes rules

There were a few ruffled feathers at Winnipeg’s city hall when a group came to lobby for the right to keep laying hens in their urban backyards, but city officials are studying the issue. One woman was ordered out of council chambers when she produced a live chicken during a meeting of the city’s protection