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Canada Well Positioned To Capitalize On Growing Food Demand

When, in 1965, Bob Dylan wailed, I ain t gonna work on Maggie s farm no more, he was echoing the mental picture almost all of us have about conditions on the farm. The dirty thirties largely spawned the identification of farming with grinding poverty, primitive technologies and capricious commodity prices, and the image has

Letters – for Nov. 17, 2011

We welcome readers comments on issues that have been covered in the Manitoba Co-operator.In most cases we cannot accept open letters or copies of letters which have been sent to several publications. Letters are subject to editing for length or taste. We suggest a maximum of about 300 words. Please forward letters to ManitobaCo-operator, 1666DublinAve.,Winnipeg,

Remembering All The Casualties Of War

For those of us in Canada, November 11 is an occasion to honour the sacrifices of those who left our country forever, as well as the contributions of those who were fortunate enough to return. But in Canada, our wars have all been fought on foreign soil, and we may forget that casualties and misery

Keep Things In Perspective

Manitoba s largest general farm policy organization has taken its share of lumps lately, a reflection of just how acrimonious the debate of the day in farm policy has proven to be. To their credit, members of the Keystone Agricultural Producers general council tackled some difficult discussions at their recent meeting with jocularity after an

The Evolution Of On-Farm Fuel Storage

Manitoba Agricultural Museum release In the summer of 2010, while looking through a scrap pile on a western Manitoba farm for Rumely silo filler parts, a Manitoba Agricultural Museum volunteer made a much more interesting find steel oil barrels. While many readers might be thinking, Steel barrels! Do these people have nothing better to do?

OUR HISTORY: August, 1926

The August, 1926 of The Scoop Shovel,the Co-operator spredecessor, featured an advertisement for the Midget Marvel Flour Mill. It read: The mill that is creating a revolution on the Flour Milling Industry putting the milling of wheat back into the small towns. This Mill makes the finest grade of flour from locally grown wheat. A

Producer Cars Face Obsolescence

As many of you know, every time you ship a producer car, you are using The Canada Grain Act, which allows an alternative system or safety valve method of shipping grains. This means, if and only if there is someone at port position prepared to sell it, then you can ship any grain in a

Climate Change Adaptation Is A Priority

Here at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, we ve been saying that a lot over the past couple of years. For smallholder farmers, women, fisher folk and other people especially vulnerable to climate change, support in adapting to the changes they re experiencing is more important than trying to slow those changes. After all, they produce

Letters – for Nov. 10, 2011

A Tonne Of Discontent Brandon Souris MP Merv Tweed found a tonne of grain delivered to his riding office Nov. 4. (See photo on page 19.) Farmers are angry that Tweed s government is breaking the law and denying us a vote on our CWB. Canada is watching as Tweed and his Minister of Agriculture

Bridging The Rural-Urban Culture Gap

If rural and urban Canada were a married couple, they d have moved to separate bedrooms decades ago. That frigid disconnect is one of the problems sustainable, grassroots Canadian agriculture faces in the immediate future. Maybe I m old-fashioned, but I ve made it a priority to support Canadian producers and manufacturers whenever possible. I