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Editor’s Take: The court of public opinion

It could be a case of be careful what you wish for. In recent days, many in the Manitoba agriculture sector have been lauding the passage of two pieces of provincial legislation intended to protect farm operations. There’s the enhanced trespassing laws that remove the requirement to confront trespassers and limit liability if a trespasser

‘It’s no surprise that the industrial cheeseburger is no longer sustainable and is no longer competitive,’ said a U.K.-based consultant during a recent webinar on the Future of Food.

Editorial: Disruptive change is coming to our food sector

Farmers are no stranger to new technology and are usually quick to adopt developments that can increase production, or at the very least reduce the risk of losses. Most are well aware that the digital age is likely to bring transformative change to agriculture and food — even if they aren’t quite ready to fully

Editorial: Community spirit

The last time the military rolled in to help Manitobans deal with a crisis beyond their capacity to manage was in the spring of 1997 during the Flood of the Century. Troops, engineers and equipment were put to work building the Z-dike that ultimately protected Winnipeg from the potential of overland flooding creeping around the

Editor’s Take: Crop protection under fire

It’s shaping up to be a tough year on the crop-protection front. I don’t mean pests, diseases and weeds. For any producer, those are perennial challenges that will wax and wane with weather and pest pressure. I speak instead of the regulatory and legal fronts, where as you will read in our May 27 issue,

Editor’s Take: Auto insurance in Manitoba is a red tape road

Every spring it seems like it’s Autopac season here in Manitoba. There’s a perpetual lineup at the local agencies as classic cars, motorcycles, recreation vehicles and farm trucks hit the road again for another year. It makes no sense whatsoever that we’re all required to attend, in person, at an office of an insurance broker,

Editor’s Take: Rain and high prices

A now-retired farmer friend says he defines a happy coincidence as when high prices and a big crop happen at the same time. But he also ruefully admits it would probably just as well be described as a ‘bloody miracle.’ He farmed more than 50 years and, during a recent text exchange, conceded that, “I

canadian grain commission

Editor’s Take: Coming and going

Farmers and the grain trade may have many common interests, but they are not perfectly aligned

What’s the right amount of oversight in Canada’s grain quality assurance system? That’s the fundamental question at the heart of an ongoing review of the Canadian Grain Commission and Canada Grain Act. As our Allan Dawson reports, many in the grain trade want to see the regulatory burden lighten. The Western Grain Elevator Association, which

Guest Editorial: Carbon questions loom

The march to some sort of agricultural carbon economy is on and it’s integral that we get it right if we go down this road. Policy can’t be driven by politics and ideology. Unfortunately, the science of carbon sequestration continues to be fuzzy, which leaves open the opportunity for opinion to guide the policy. There

Editor’s Take: Funding fairness

Few would argue the education tax system Manitoba’s had for the past few decades was a model for the future. It was a complex patchwork of competing interests and duplicated efforts. It saw one level of government set the tax rate, another collect it on its behalf, and the province turning around and refunding a

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Editor’s Take: Playing the canola game

Two years ago, when China severely curtailed imports of Canadian canola by suspending the licences of Canada’s two largest grain companies, most saw a disaster about to unfold. The ginned-up claim was around the quality of Canadian canola seed, specifically pests like weed seeds and plant diseases such as blackleg. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency,