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Editorial: Every day is Earth Day

This past Saturday was Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of environmental protection, observed since 1970. Across the world people gathered for events, though a cursory scan of the activities through news reports suggests that most were in very urban locations such as Toronto and Vancouver. This is the great irony of the modern environmental movement. […] Read more

Editorial: Hope springs eternal

What would possess someone of the pioneer era to try to farm here? This thought was much on my mind the past Easter weekend as I drove to the family farm in Saskatchewan for a holiday gathering. In mid-April, when the winter wheat is already well on its way in Kansas and Nebraska, here the […] Read more

Editorial: Too small to bother?

There’s been lots of talk in the news lately about financially troubled corporations and how their plights are handled by governments. For example, the Quebec-based aerospace and mass-transit company Bombardier has been the subject of controversy after it proceeded to give 50 per cent pay increases to senior executives shortly after receiving yet another taxpayer-funded […] Read more

Editorial: By the numbers

Statistics Canada says there were just over 13.3 million households in Canada at the time of the 2011 census, a number that has surely grown since then. The numbers crunchers at the agency rather dryly define the term as “… a person or group of persons who occupy the same dwelling and do not have […] Read more

Editorial: Market realities

Over the years people have done some pretty goofy things to make money. Probably the best example is Gary Dahl, the inventor of the hare-brained scheme that was the pet rock. The story goes he was sitting in a bar in Los Angeles with friends in the early 1970s, listening to them complain about their […] Read more

Editorial: Family feud

Everyone has that cousin, uncle or sibling. You love them, they’re family after all, but sometimes you just don’t like them much. Maybe it’s their insistence on talking about their controversial politics over Christmas dinner. Perhaps it’s the way they can’t just talk about how much they like their new tractor without running down yours. […] Read more

Editorial: The missing link

Canada’s sheep and goat producers had better not be counting on me to earn a living. Don’t get me wrong, they produce excellent products, but neither of these protein sources has ever been a big part of my diet. I can’t remember the last time I had a lamb chop. A few years ago now, for […] Read more

Editorial: Bonanza bind

Over 100 years ago there was a land rush on the northern plains of North America. The arrival of railways suddenly opened vast tracts of land to settlement and agriculture. The world responded with a flood of humanity. These days we think of the romantic image of homesteading families from all corners of the world, […] Read more

Editorial: Pre-competitive advantage

The idea of collaboration — and even mergers — among farm commodity groups has begun to find traction lately. The latest round came at the annual CropConnect conference, which brings together a number of the smaller commodity organizations at a single event where they conduct their annual general meetings. That event demonstrates the merits of […] Read more

Editorial: Biofuels fight

[Updated March 2, 2017]: What would a world with another five billion bushels of corn on the market look like? I am willing to bet that the grain growers among our readership just felt a small blood pressure spike at the very thought, anticipating dramatically lower crop prices. That figure represents the portion of the […] Read more