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Editor’s Take: Seed royalties just one option

Ron DePauw wouldn’t get a second look from most Canadians. But his worth to the country is measured in the billions, yes, with a “B.” Born in rural Saskatchewan and raised on a Treherne-area farm, the now-retired DePauw is one of the most prolific wheat breeders in the world. He was involved in the research […] Read more

Editorial: What if those weather forecasts are right?

To say Thanksgiving weekend was a wake-up call for those of us living in rural Manitoba would be an understatement. The mid-October snowstorm that swept through the south-central zone between Brandon and Winnipeg is one for the memory books, ranking right up there with the Colorado low that shut down the region in March of […] Read more

Editor’s Take: Picking food fights

Milk, in particular Canada’s supply management system, has always been a preoccupation of our southern neighbours. If you want to make someone in the U.S. agriculture sector go apoplectic in short order, just bring up the subject. To quote the current occupant of the White House in a tweet launched in the midst of USMCA […] Read more

Editor’s Take: A camera in every (barn) corner

Sir Paul McCartney, of pop music fame, once famously observed, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Built into this statement is the assumption that most people are too squeamish to look what they eat in the eye, and there is a grain of truth there. Most people prefer to only meet their […] Read more

Editor’s Take: Yellow dogs

Forty-seven years. Under a plan put forward by the Progressive Conservatives in the waning days of the provincial election, that’s how long it will have taken farmers to get a fairer education tax system. It was a foundational issue in 1984 when the province’s general farm organization, the Keystone Agricultural Producers, came into being. To […] Read more

Editor’s Take: Productivity potential

A recent agriculture report from the Royal Bank of Canada paints a picture of a sector with big opportunities and big challenges. Farmer 4.0: How the coming skills revolution can transform agriculture is all-in on the concept of farms thriving in the digital age. It paints a picture of autonomous equipment, sensor-driven agronomy and other […] Read more