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A speaker at the recent CropConnect conference in Winnipeg says one changing demographic isn’t getting enough attention.

Editorial: Feeding a hungry world? Yes, but…

A senior executive of the largest social research company in the world is cutting a wide swath through the rhetoric pushing farmers to keep ramping up production to feed a hungry world. “It’s all nonsense,” Darrell Bricker told the farmers attending CropConnect 2020 in Winnipeg. The CEO of IPSOS public affairs has written two books

The farm sector isn’t yet well positioned to fix its labour shortage problem — and it’s not entirely clear large parts of it can be.

Editor’s Take: Farm labour in short supply

Ordinarily, when there’s a shortage of something in the marketplace, classic economic theory tells us prices will rise along with demand, until producers create more of whatever is in short supply. It works for manufacturing, mining and even farming, where the old saying is that “nothing solves high prices like high prices,” alluding to the

While a 600 per cent increase in the number of vegetarians sounds impressive, it only amounts to 3.4 per cent of Americans, according to a recent poll.

Editor’s Take: Beyond ‘Beyond Meat’

How do you separate a food trend from a food fad? It’s a valid, and pressing, question for the agriculture sector, because these fads can have a huge impact. Recall the gluten-free craze of a few years ago, when many fretted over the cumulative impact on wheat prices. Or the fad diets that are basically

Editor’s Take: Lobby power

I’m sure at some point or another most farmers have felt their voice is never heard in public policy debates. There’s a germ of truth to it, mainly because of the demographic realities. When less than two per cent of the population is a member of any particular group, they’re always going to struggle to

Editor’s Take: Food as a weapon

It’s hard to imagine how the heartbreaking loss of lives in a jetliner crash could translate into a bacon boycott, but welcome to the wild and wacky world of food politics. The reaction when Michael McCain, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, took to Twitter to say what a lot of Canadians were feeling after

The Year in Doggerel: 20-20 Foresight

As you may know, in each year’s first edition We follow a time-honoured farm writer’s tradition Of reviewing the past year in doggerel (that’s badly rhymed text) And giving you fearless predictions on what to expect for the next Since she’s in charge, I hesitate to criticize Mother Nature’s decisions But I wish she could