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Editorial: Hands up!

As someone who just turned 50 this past winter, I have no personal memories of the Great Grain Robbery of the summer of 1972, only what I’ve heard and read. The tongue-in-cheek name references the Great Train Robbery nine years earlier, when a Royal Mail train from Glasgow to London was relieved of 2.6 million […] Read more

Editorial: Playing the long game

Some canola growers are clearly getting frustrated by what they perceive as inaction on the part of the federal government. As our Allan Dawson reports from the front page of our May 9 issue, some are saying the government of the day hasn’t done enough, or indeed, even anything. Why, they wonder, hasn’t there been […] Read more

Editorial: Keep calm, farm on

Every year, as seeding begins to ramp up, there’s no shortage of uncertainty. One can hope for the best, plan for the worst, and still find themselves in the weeds as an unexpected event or uncontrollable variable comes home to roost. Yet that never seems to stop the farmers of Manitoba, or even give them […] Read more

Editorial: Back to the future?

Trying to predict the future with any accuracy is a fool’s errand, but that doesn’t stop plenty from trying. One of the biggest fallacies people fall into is the ‘recency effect,’ when the events of the near past are assumed to be more important than earlier events. Informally, it’s become shorthand for the assumption that […] Read more

Editorial: Human nature

It’s one of those philosophical questions — can there really be too much of a good thing? In the case of glyphosate it would seem the answer might be yes, especially when it comes to crop residues. There’s little doubt why so much of the product is used here in Western Canada. It’s nothing short […] Read more

Editorial: Testing the limits of rural Internet

Anyone who’s spent time recently in voice-mail jail can confirm often it’s best to take one’s interaction with large organizations online. True, it’s probably just a cost-cutting measure and they’re pushing that cost onto you, the client. But it’s often also undeniably easier to take the self-serve option, where you do it yourself, at a […] Read more

Editorial: Lose the certificate, lose the brand

These days you can hardly read an article on business success without a reference to the importance of branding. But last week the federal budget confirmed what we reported in the last issue — the Canadian Grain Commission and its Certificate Final for export shipments are under review. That means that so is the brand […] Read more

Editorial: A valuable question

The Irish writer and humorist Oscar Wilde once famously noted that a cynic is one who “… knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” Wilde wrote those words in the play “Lady Windemere’s Fan” more than 125 years ago, as a rebuttal to what he saw as the growing cynicism of the […] Read more

Editorial: Politics as usual

It’s tempting to ask the Chinese government to pull the other leg now. As anyone who grows canola is likely aware by now, Canada’s largest single customer for canola, accounting for 40 per cent of this country’s exports, threw a monkey wrench into Prairie export canola. Officials quietly banned imports from Richardson International, Canada’s largest […] Read more