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Editor’s Take: Send in the clowns

The finding of ‘double criminality’ by B.C. Supreme Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes in the Huawei case last week dashed any hopes of a quick and orderly wrap-up to Canada’s ongoing diplomatic war with China. Justice Holmes ruled that the crimes Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is charged with in the U.S. are also crimes in

A question often coming into sharp focus is the cost of becoming overly reliant on China as a trading partner.

Editor’s Take: China is our greatest ‘frenemy’

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that China makes its own rules when it comes to trade. Its 2002 membership in the World Trade Organization is an excellent example. The rest of the world agreed to give China open access to markets, ostensibly in exchange for similar access to China’s. One can hardly

Editorial: Meat packing concentration leads to problems

When Canadians flocked to their grocery stores to stock up for the pandemic lockdown, most weren’t filling their carts with plant-based proteins. It was the meat counters that cleared out along with the toilet paper shelves, baking ingredients, and with other basics considered necessities. While more Canadians have been experimenting with these plant-based proteins, most

Editorial: Agriculture slips through the safety net

Canadian agriculture is very proud of its prominence in the national economy, and rightly so. As StatsCan noted in a 2019 report, agriculture and food contributed $49 billion to the nation’s GDP in 2015, or 2.6 per cent of total GDP. That’s been a target of growth too, as various projection and government plans have

Editor’s Take: Stress cracks but no fractures

Now is when the systemic shortfalls are beginning to show. It’s only when a complex system is put under stress that underlying and underappreciated issues start to appear. Think of the 2008 global financial crisis as an example. Prior to it being revealed as the precarious house of cards that it was, housing in the

Editorial: Farmers should tread carefully when seeking more aid

There is one stabilizing force for agriculture amidst all the uncertainties as the effects of pandemic management ripple through the food chain like an electrical shock to everything it touches. The recently released Farm Credit Canada report on land values, based on 2019 transactions, shows the value of farmland in Canada continues to rise, albeit

Editorial: COVID-19 is changing the conversation around food

On one hand, the federal government stated the obvious when it identified the food system as one of the 10 critical infrastructures supporting Canadians during the pandemic crisis. After all, who can survive without food? Nevertheless, the guidance document issued by Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair recently sent an important signal, one

Editor’s Take: Winds of change

The question that landed with a gentle thud on the virtual meeting table during a conference call of Glacier FarmMedia editors this week was a good one: “Isn’t the real question not ‘What’s going to change?’ but rather ‘What should change?’” The topic at hand had been how our publications group will cover the myriad

Editor’s Take: Who’d have thought?

It’s been another week of surprises. Who’d have thought we’d see gasoline prices below 60 cents a litre again? Who’d have thought we’d see the federal government backstopping 75 per cent of the wage bill for the entire country? Who’d have guessed the concept of a universal basic income would suddenly be on the minds