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Editorial: On your watch

The recent images from poultry operations in B.C.’s Fraser Valley are fresh in the minds of many Canadians. That’s not good news for the livestock sector. What they’ve revealed is unflattering, shocking and immoral. Contract ‘chicken catchers’ were caught on video stomping on birds, simulating sex acts on them and ripping limbs from living animals. […] Read more

Editorial: The science of marketing

There’s an old truism from the world of marketing that goes, “the customer is always right.” Too often these days it’s used by bad customers to justify their even worse behaviour. They seem to feel it excuses all sort of boorishness, from yelling at the wait staff to making insulting low-ball offers. But its original […] Read more

Editorial: Punching above their weight

Anyone who feels farmers are a spent political force in Canada need only consult the results of the recent Conservative Party of Canada federal leadership race. Farmers may make up less than two per cent of the national population, but that Saturday night, as delegates voted for a new leader, a relative handful of farmers […] Read more

Editorial: Thanks coach

What seems like a lifetime ago now, I was a reporter with a small rural weekly in northwestern Saskatchewan. As one does when staffing a small media outlet, I wound up covering a bit of everything, including the local senior hockey team. They were a fun bunch of mill workers, mechanics and local farm kids, […] Read more

Editorial: But what about the farmers?

The statistic does give you a bit of a jolt: In 2015 tiny Netherlands was No. 3 in world agri-food exports, with Canada way behind in No. 12 spot. That statistic is highlighted in the second report by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, which was established by Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and led […] Read more

Editorial: A fine balance

A big thumbs up to the five Manitoba commodity groups that announced recently they will work towards a merger. The Manitoba Corn Growers Association, Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers Association, the Manitoba Flax Growers Association, the National Sunflower Association of Canada and the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association have signed a memorandum of understanding […] Read more

Editorial: Pigs and protests

Any changes to the rules governing the operation, permitting or construction of hog barns in Manitoba are always going to be controversial. This is a well-worn debate with both sides set to battle over perceived risks to the environment or the industry, depending on the advocate’s point of view. What is a little surprising is […] Read more

Editorial: Trump-eting doom

Last week Donald Trump, while playing his most important reality television role to date, came within hours of signing an executive order to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). A report from the Canadian Press that detailed the contents of a leaked version of the order said the move would have given Canada […] Read more

Editorial: Every day is Earth Day

This past Saturday was Earth Day, a worldwide celebration of environmental protection, observed since 1970. Across the world people gathered for events, though a cursory scan of the activities through news reports suggests that most were in very urban locations such as Toronto and Vancouver. This is the great irony of the modern environmental movement. […] Read more

Editorial: Hope springs eternal

What would possess someone of the pioneer era to try to farm here? This thought was much on my mind the past Easter weekend as I drove to the family farm in Saskatchewan for a holiday gathering. In mid-April, when the winter wheat is already well on its way in Kansas and Nebraska, here the […] Read more