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Editorial: Politics as usual

It’s tempting to ask the Chinese government to pull the other leg now. As anyone who grows canola is likely aware by now, Canada’s largest single customer for canola, accounting for 40 per cent of this country’s exports, threw a monkey wrench into Prairie export canola. Officials quietly banned imports from Richardson International, Canada’s largest […] Read more

Editorial: About time

The world of Canadian agriculture made a couple of big strides in the field of gender parity this week. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture elected its first female president, Mary Robinson. While the name might be new to western Canadian members she’s well known in Atlantic Canada agriculture. She’s managing partner of a sixth-generation family […] Read more

Concept of making money agriculture

Editorial: Multi-tasking

Manitoba’s farmers can chalk up a small victory in their battle to have the way education taxes are levied on farmland revised. At the recent Keystone Agricultural Producers annual general meeting, held in early February in Winnipeg, the provincial government delivered the clearest signal to date that this message is getting through to policy-makers. Provincial […] Read more

Editorial: The changing faces of agriculture

Roaming the hallways and meeting rooms of this week’s CropConnect conference in Winnipeg offered an interesting snapshot of the state of farming in this province. Kudos to the organizers: the two-day conference put on by a consortium of nine commodity groups has proven itself a success on numerous fronts. With all the commodity groups out […] Read more

Editorial: Seed royalty proposal no slam dunk

At first the discussion around seed royalties seemed largely a foregone conclusion. At question wasn’t if royalties would be collected on cereals crops to fund varietal research. Rather, the debate centred around how they’d be collected, with two models discussed under the supervision of the federal government. The options presented to farmers were a trailing […] Read more

Editorial: Weathering winter

It’s always amusing when places that don’t usually expect it get a taste of what to us is a typical winter. That was fully evident earlier this month when large swaths of the U.S. were hit hard by cold. Suddenly U.S. schools and universities were closed and private businesses, including many in agriculture, were calling […] Read more

Editorial: A shifting paradigm

Since the start of the Second World War, food guides in the western world have all shared a similar singular focus. Military recruiters of the time were shocked to learn that many men at the time wouldn’t make adequate soldiers because their basic nutritional needs had not been met in the depths of the Great […] Read more

Editorial: Meeting in the middle

Health Canada has delivered some reassuring news for people worried about glyphosate in their food and the environment in the wake of some of the controversial reports and court rulings last year. The much-publicized jury ruling in favour of a California plaintiff claiming long-term exposure to the weed killer caused his cancer, has touched off […] Read more

Editorial: Rubber meets road on trade deals

It’s an article of faith in many parts of Canada’s agriculture economy that trade is good, the freer the better. In the run-up to recent deals with the European Union (CETA) and a group of Asian-Pacific trading partners (CPTPP,) many of your industry groups were among the loudest and most supportive voices. Both are now […] Read more

Editorial: Back to business

I’ll never forget my young daughter’s reaction a few years ago to the first day back to school after Christmas break. As I tried to gently shake her awake and tell it was time to get ready for school, she peered at me bleary eyed and wailed: “So there’s no more holidays? You mean it’s […] Read more