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HomeGrown Acres, near Wawanesa, has seen an uptick in direct sales, bucking the trend.

Holiday lamb demand lags due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted typical holiday demand for lamb meat

Manitoba’s lamb producers aren’t feeling much holiday spirit this year thanks to COVID-19. Social distancing has put a chill on a market normally bolstered by the Easter season, as well as Jewish Passover celebrations and the start of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar later in April. The Manitoba government declared a state of emergency due

Easter excitement fades

It’s back to normal after this key holiday for the market

A late winter return seemed to usher in a cooler tone too at the latest sheep and goat auction at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. With Easter demand past, the less exciting bidding season typical of summer appears to be starting to assert itself, regardless of the slow start to the spring. Producers delivered 75 sheep and goats to the April

The Easter bunny pays the kids a visit

The Jacksons from the April 20, 2017 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

Grandma! Look what I got!” Little Allison Jackson burst into the front door of Andrew and Rose’s house holding up a brightly coloured basket for her grandmother to see. Rose bent down to look. “Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed. “What are those, my dear?” “Easter eggs!” said Allison excitedly. “The Easter bunny was in our

Easter eggs can get a second life as nutritious and healthy snacks and meals.

Enjoy eggs year round

Gate to Plate: Ham, egg and cheese English muffins, Easy pickled eggs, and Dillicious egg salad

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available to us. Whether you gather them directly from the chicken coop, or buy them at the local grocery store, they’re an affordable source of high-quality protein and 14 different vitamins and minerals. Brown or white, large or small, they make a great addition to a healthy

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Producer sales were lower before Easter

But buyer interest was strong, especially for replacement stock available through a herd dispersal

Producers delivered 400 sheep and goats to the April 16 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction, the last sale before the Easter holiday. Although the number of animals on offer was lower than the previous sale, buyer demand was strong. The buyers showed high interest in quality ewes. No differences between wool and hair ewes, but

Lamb isn’t just for Easter

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I never ate lamb until I was in my early 20s and started trying new foods with new friends from around the world. That first bite was memorable — in a curry with plenty of red hot chilies! Since that first eye-popping meal, I’ve learned to love the subtle taste of lamb in stews and

Easter lamb trade affects April 2 sheep and goat sale

New-crop lamb prices have not returned to levels of two or three years ago

The Winnipeg Livestock Auction received 700 sheep and goats for the April 2 sale. There appeared to be a decrease in the expected Easter lamb prices. The strong bidding was on the younger and well-developed quality ewes. The cull ewes were clearly identified by the lower bids. There appeared to be no differences between the