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Your own goose — and how to cook it

A few more of us are finding out we’re still a little wild at heart

My husband hunts. I don’t. But I do get why he goes, even if I’m not getting up at 5 a.m. to go with him. Like most hunters, he’ll tell you this fall ritual is important to him. It’s a family tradition and a walk in the woods. It’s a time to reconnect with the

Duck harvest coming later in fall

Anew study has confirmed what veteran duck hunters have long suspected — hunting season is significantly later in the year these days than it was decades ago. Delta Waterfowl science director Frank Rohwer looked at migration dates by examining data from the annual Parts Collection Survey that has gathered comprehensive harvest data from hunters since

Wood Ducks: Let’s Help Their Comeback

One of Manitoba’s most photogenic water birds, with its bright, iridescent feathers, is the wood duck. For a time this colourful duck was in decline across North America, but with a little help from humans, it is making a definite comeback. Still, its numbers in Manitoba remain relatively small, and I’m always pleased when I

Foie Gras On French Fast-Food Menu

AFrench fast-food chain said Nov. 29 it intends to offer foie gras “burgers” at bargain prices as a treat for customers ahead of Christmas. Quick burger said its “Supreme Foie Gras” will consist of the normally expensive duck foie gras, beef, relish and lettuce and go on sale for only five euros (C$6.75) at more

Visit Whitewater Lake Wildlife Management Area

Manitoba has numerous Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) scattered about the province, some small and others quite large. One of the largest is the Whitewater Lake WMA in southwestern Manitoba, between the towns of Boissevain and Deloraine. If you’re interested in birds, or looking for a new spot to visit, you might like to check it