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China reclassifies dogs as pets, not livestock

New guidelines drafted in post-virus regulatory push

Shanghai | Reuters — China has drawn up new guidelines to reclassify dogs as pets rather than livestock, the agriculture ministry said, part of a response to the coronavirus outbreak that the Humane Society called a potential “game changer” in animal welfare. Though dog meat remains a delicacy in many regions, the ministry of agriculture

No turkeys, pigs, goats: U.S. to let airlines limit service animals

Miniature horses still up for discussion

Washington | Reuters — The U.S. Transportation Department on Wednesday proposed giving airlines the power to bar emotional support animals from cabins and limit the definition of a service animal to a trained dog. The proposed new rules are aimed at preventing passengers from falsely claiming their pets are service animals aboard U.S. airline flights.

Pets can teach us some health lessons, like not avoiding exercise because it’s too cold.

A dog’s life

We can all learn some health lessons from humanity’s best friend

Jake, do not hurt Abby,” I said to one of our dachshunds. Jake and I locked eyes. I think he winked at me. He had most of Abby’s head in his mouth, like a lion with its prey. By the way, Abby is a year-old dachshund pup we nicknamed “Miss Abby the Troublemaker.” “She was

Slugs and snails pose a risk
to pets. Ask about lungworm in
your area.

How to protect your pets from lungworms

They can live in the lungs and airways of dogs and cats causing serious problems

Part of a complete pet health strategy includes protecting pets from the parasites in your area, and treating and preventing intestinal worms and heartworm is part of regular care. With changes in climate, wildlife ranges and travel patterns, we can see new parasites show up that haven’t been a concern for pets in the past. Lungworms are some

Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet healthy.

Be sure to vaccinate your pet

Vaccinations are a significant part of health care

Vaccinations are a very significant part of your pet’s health care as they protect dogs and cats from infectious agents that can cause serious illness or may be fatal. As in humans, vaccines have had a major impact in decreasing infectious diseases and are very safe. Nowadays we don’t see many of these diseases —

Steve Diamond and his dogs were at the Portage Potato Festival this summer.

Diamond Disc Dogs

Team of trained dogs performs throughout Manitoba

Diamond Disc Dogs, headed by Steve Diamond, is a multi-dog trick act known as the “best trick dog show in Manitoba.” The team of highly trained dogs — mostly border collies — has been performing throughout the province for almost 10 years, and Diamond is now beginning to expand Canada-wide, catering to events in small

Kelsie the beagle is in training to become one of New Zealand’s front-line defenders in the battle for biosecurity.

New Zealand’s constant battle with invasive species

Agriculture is considered New Zealand’s primary industry, but the incursion of disease and pests 
poses a constant threat to farmers on the island nation

Biosecurity doesn’t get much cuter than this, and the Kiwis know it. Floppy-eared beagles, with patches of tan and white fur, greet visitors and returning locals alike as they disembark at any of New Zealand’s international airports. But the friendly and curious canines play a vital role in New Zealand’s intense network of biosecurity measures,

Cst. Kevin Challoner and Hector (l to r) with Jackson Antoniw and S/Sgt. Matt Lavallee at Rossburn Elementary School on June 18, 2015.

RCMP service dog visits Rossburn boy who named him

It became possible after the dog was stationed in the same province

Jackson Antoniw is a five-year-old boy from Rossburn who came up with a great name, and on April 8, 2015, he was announced a winner in the RCMP’s national Name the Puppy Contest. Jackson suggested the name Hector for one of the Potential Police Service Dogs (PPSD) born at the Police Dog Service Training Centre

Study gives more reasons for passing on red meat

(Reuters) People who eat a lot of red meat are more likely to die at any given time than those who go light on the burgers and hotdogs, according to a U.S. study that followed more than 100,000 people over several decades. The more servings of both processed and unprocessed red meat people reported eating

Can They Do This For Coyotes Too?

Australian scientists are working to artificially produce the urine of wild dogs, hoping to keep other wild dogs away from humans and prevent them from destroying livestock, avoiding losses that mount into millions of dollars every year. Researchers say the chemical message in the urine of dingoes, as the wild dogs are known, insists “this