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Finding workers for short-season employment in rural areas isn’t easy.

Making it work — or not

Direct Farm Manitoba speaker says farm owners need to look further afield — 
to provincial job centres and settlement agencies — to find the staffers they need

The labour shortage in agriculture affects all types of farms and enterprises with short-season, high-labour needs definitely feel the pinch of it. Pam and John Griffin need to hire people every summer to take off their strawberry harvest on their five-acre Glenboro-area Good Earth Garden and Berries farm. But not many want the job. “I’m

DFM’s Phil Veldhuis says a mentorship program will make mentorship more accessible than informal arrangements.

Mentorship program sought: DFM

Direct Farm Manitoba will explore developing a program to transfer knowledge in 2018

Direct Farm Manitoba will look at developing a mentoring program for its membership this year. The need for a formal program that links new and existing farmers was raised when members met before Christmas to discuss priorities needs and direction for the organization in 2018. They’ve asked the DFM board to place organizing a formal

Small scale chicken producers have been denied their appeal over new small-scale chicken regulations.

Small flock producers appeal denied

Existing operations will not be grandfathered into the new regulations say Manitoba Chicken Producers

The Manitoba Chicken Producers have rejected an appeal on behalf of small farmers, who say a new specialty quota program will impose arbitrary and punitive costs on their operations. “This is a poor decision for Manitobans who care about where their food comes from, we hope the public will support us as we take this

Local farm groups teaming up

Small Farms Manitoba and Direct Farm Manitoba are joining forces. Direct Farm Manitoba is a new association formed after the Farmer’s Market Association of Manitoba broadened membership criteria this spring. Small Farms Manitoba is an online network created by Kalynn Spain who spent the summer of 2014 visiting and writing about smaller farmers in Manitoba.