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Ottawa plans talks toward dairy farmers’ CETA compensation

The federal government has pledged to meet with dairy sector representatives within 30 days to draw up a compensation plan for concessions made in Canada’s planned free trade pact with the European Union. “Our conversations will address, among other issues, transition support for producers and processors, as well as proposed program and investment options,” Agriculture

Dairy and poultry farmers slam critical report by prominent Liberal

But Liberal leadership prospect Martha Hall Findlay says poultry and 
dairy farmers have limited political clout and can safely be ignored

As soon as the announcement appeared that former Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay would release a report critical of supply management, well-worn wheels were set in motion. The marketing boards prepared their defences while newspaper columnists and open-market supporters readied their supportive arguments. The news conference in the Chateau Laurier, a floor up from where

In Brief… – for Jun. 9, 2011

New target:Former Dauphin MP Inky Mark has been elected by acclamation Manitoba director of Canada’s National Firearms Association. Mark served as Conservative MP for Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette for 13 years until last September when he retired from federal politics. He has also served as mayor of Dauphin. “Inky is a valuable addition to our team,” said

Processors, Dairy Producers Butt Heads Again

They’ve promised to try to get along better but processors and dairy producers look set to get into another scrap over the amount of milk in a dairy product. Saputo and Kraft Canada went to court when Ottawa imposed new compositional standards for cheese, which required greater use of milk, in 2008. In February, the

Federal Dollars Go Into Dairy Research

Dairy Farmers of Canada plans to spend $11.7 million on research projects across the country that will focus on the health and nutritional benefits of dairy products and ways to improve animal productivity through health and breeding. The research money will be awarded to clusters of scientific and technical expertise at universities and agriculture schools

Innovation, Trade Dominate Dairy Meeting

One surefire way to make dairy farmers squirm is suggest they consider exporting dairy products again. Sure they’re happy to sell breeding and cull cows outside the country but they don’t want to go anywhere near the international market for dairy products. Gilles Gauthier, Canada’s chief agriculture negotiator at the WTO, suggests that even with

Domestic Trade Pact Could Threaten Supply Management

“We don’t have enough information to provide the level of comfort.” – WALLY SMITH, DFC Canada’s supply management groups are lobbying hard against wording in an interprovincial trade agreement which they fear could threaten their industries. Dairy Farmers of Canada wants governments to plug possible loopholes in the agreement that might leave supply management open