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Washington to offer micro loans to small farmers

washington / reuters The U.S. Department of Agriculture will help small farming operations, including those run by minority or socially disadvantaged farmers, improve their access to credit. The program will offer loans of up to $35,000 for terms of up to seven years to help recipients deal with farming’s often prohibitive startup costs. “History tells

UN envoy says Canada needs a “right to food strategy”

The special rapporteur on the right to food's visit marks the first time the UN has 
dispatched an official to investigate food insecurity in a developed country

If everyone using a food bank in Manitoba lived in one place, it would be the province’s second-largest city. There are approximately 56,000 Manitobans who lack access to food because they either can’t afford it, or have nowhere to produce any themselves — or both. They are the Manitobans that Winnipeg Harvest has been trying

Supporting existing businesses a successful strategy for job creation

Business development expert says supporting innovative local entrepreneurs 
is the best way to boost a community’s economic fortunes

Helping existing businesses grow, rather than chasing big companies or fostering startups, is the best way to boost a community’s economic fortunes and create jobs. That’s the core of an economic-development approach dubbed “economic gardening,” business-development expert Robin Phelps told participants at the recent Capturing Opportunities conference. “You need the startups, but what about these

Agency says female farmers key to boosting global food supply

Reuters / Empowering female farmers in developing countries is crucial to solving the world’s food problems, according to the chair of a panel which advises governments and donors on agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa. “If we’re going to feed the world and in particular if Africa is going to be fed, we need every tool

Farmers now have the ability to conduct their own cutting-edge ag research

Conducting your own field-based studies can show exactly how a specific 
agronomic practice will perform in a particular field

Farmers need to step up and get involved in a new era of research, and it needs to be on farm, field scale, farmer driven, and collaborative, says Ty Faechner, executive director of the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta. “I don’t think traditional research will ever go away,” Faechner told attendees at the

Without January rains, one of two heifers will be sold

Co-operator editor Laura Rance is travelling on a media food study tour with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Updates are being posted on the Co-operator website at The highway southwest of Addis Ababa to Wolayto-Soddo is wide and smooth, but there is no such thing in Ethiopia as setting the cruise control and just cruising,

European agency launches food security initiative

London | Reuters — The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development launched an initiative Nov. 28 to boost food security through private-sector investment to unlock the production potential of suppliers like Russia. The lending institution, which has traditionally focused on emerging European economies, announced in Novembera it planned to expand operations to the Middle East