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Orvel Currie, lawyer representing the RM of Rosser, speaks on the final day of the appeal hearing in Winnipeg Aug. 18.

Municipal Board considering benchmark ruling

Lawyers weigh in on precedent
 to be set in quarry appeal

The lawyers on either side of the contentious Lilyfield quarry case don’t agree on much, but they agree on one thing: the Municipal Board should be judging for itself whether the quarry in the RM of Rosser should go ahead. During an appeal hearing Aug. 18, lawyers for both the municipality and the landowner suggested

Energy strategy could help rural Manitoba

Rather than being a solution to provide lower costs and prices, the Hydro monopoly has become a barrier to innovation

Manitoba’s energy strategy is inconsistent with current and future sustainable and renewable energy priorities. Overreliance on hydro-electric power from the Nelson River is no longer competitive, and is steadily increasing huge debts to be borne by future taxpayers/hydro customers. In particular, provincial policy and existing legislation does not encourage local rural solutions. A fresh review

Workers survey the flooding along the Assiniboine Diversion in May 2011. The Manitoba government is investing more in roads, bridges and flood mitigation, but some observers worry not enough in prevention.

Rural infrastructure to get cash infusion

The numbers look impressive, but the breakdown between provincial and municipal spending 
needs to be examined when funding is announced

Municipal officials are welcoming the provincial government’s commitment to invest in infrastructure over the next five years. “On the municipal side we were pleased with the announcements that came. It’s nowhere near enough to cover the $11-billion deficit that we have in infrastructure, but this is a pretty good start,” said Doug Dobrowolski, president of

Still waiting: Repairs to the bridge between Coulter and Waskada should be completed by the summer of 2014. Residents have had to detour around it since the spring of 2011.

Prepare now for future climate havoc, IISD report urges

Coulter-Waskada bridge to be repaired by early spring, says province

Southwestern Manitoba residents know first hand about the lingering inconveniences and costly after-effects associated with weather-related disasters. More than two years after spring flooding wiped out the Souris River bridge between Coulter and Waskada, they’re still waiting on repairs to a key transportation link in their area. In the meantime, area residents as well as

Despite economic recovery, use of food banks at near-record levels

More than 700,000 Canadians turn to food banks every month, and many of them are employed or from two-parent households

Food bank use is at near-record levels and will only come down if there’s an increase in affordable housing, says Food Banks Canada. More than 700,000 Canadians turn to food banks every month because they have “to choose between paying rent or buying food,” said Katherine Schmidt, the organization’s executive director. “At the root of

Do food aid and economic self-interest mix?

The recent decision to merge the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) into the new Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development isn’t the first time Canada’s aid program has been profoundly changed. Five years ago, another major change occurred when Ottawa fully untied Canadian food aid. Then, as now, it was a matter of

A powerful engine for growth

Researchers have discovered an environmentally sustainable instrument that could increase world food production by 30 per cent, but they’ve been having a tough time getting it commercialized. Is it a plant with a novel trait, or a new herbicide perhaps, bogged down by excessive regulations or those silly activists? Or maybe it’s a new type