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U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump survey damage and are briefed by a FEMA official on March 8, 2019 in Beauregard, Alabama, where 23 people in Lee County were killed by tornadoes earlier in the week. (Photo: Reuters/Mike Theiler)

Trump budget proposes steep subsidy cuts to U.S. farmers

Washington | Reuters — U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget on Monday proposed a 15 per cent cut for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, calling its subsidies to farmers “overly generous” at a time when they are going through the worst crisis in decades because of depressed commodity prices and Trump’s trade tariffs. The Republican

USDA’s main home page on Jan. 11, 2019. (GFM Staff photo)

USDA to reopen all farm agency offices

Washington | Reuters — The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday it will reopen all Farm Service Agency offices on Thursday to offer services to farmers and ranchers during the partial government shutdown. Some Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices had been providing limited services since Jan. 17, but the move means all of the agency’s

Katherine Stanley (l) has been named as the Manitoba Organic Alliance’s first agronomist.

Manitoba Organic Alliance names agronomist

Katherine Stanley will take on the term position over the next year

Manitoba’s organic farmers now have an agronomist to call their own — even if it’s only for a year. The farmer organization the Manitoba Organic Alliance has teamed up with the University of Manitoba and the provincial Agriculture Department to create a one-year term position for an organic agronomist and Katherine Stanley has been named

Soybeans damaged by dicamba. The Arkansas State Plant Board wants to ban in-crop dicamba use from April 15 to October 31 following almost 1,000 complaints about dicamba drift damaging nearby crops. The proposal needs approval from the Executive Subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council.

Arkansas moving closer to in-crop dicamba restrictions

Its plant board wants an April 15 to Oct. 31 ban to prevent injury to crops from drift

Arkansas farmers might not be allowed to apply dicamba in annual crops during the 2018 growing season. A regulatory change prohibiting dicamba applications between April 15 and Oct. 31, was approved by the Arkansas State Plant Board, Arkansas’ Agriculture Department said in a news release Sept. 21. Read more: U.S. EPA gives dicamba ‘restricted use’ label

Concept of making money agriculture

No cuts to agriculture in provincial budget

Eliminating school taxes from farmland may be a tall order given projected deficit

Awidely reported funding reduction for agriculture in the province’s newly released budget is not what it seems, according to Keystone Agricultural Producers. While $1 million less is being allotted to agriculture in 2016 than in 2015, president Dan Mazier said the reduced allocation has to do with lower payouts being made by farm insurance programs.

Editorial: What’s in a name?

Editorial: What’s in a name?

The newly elected Pallister government wasted little time putting its stamp on government in this province. Almost as fast as you can say Ralph Eichler, the provincial department responsible for agriculture got a new name this month: Manitoba Department of Agriculture (MDA). It has a nice simple ring to it. But it also reflects a

Chantelle Genkow walks with daughter Chyler and son Conner at Grenkow Holsteins during Open Farm Day 2011.

Ag societies take the lead on Open Farm Day

The Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies can help widen scope of farms involved

Open Farm Day Sept. 20 marks the last time Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development will be directly involved co-ordinating the event. The association representing this province’s 59 agricultural societies will take the helm for future events, and will look after finding host farm families, co-ordinating and promoting what has become a popular one-day trip

It’s prime time for anthrax, so keep a close eye on your cattle

It’s prime time for anthrax, so keep a close eye on your cattle

Highly contagious, infectious soil-borne disease finds victims in grazing livestock

With high temperatures and drought, cattle and bison are at a higher risk of anthrax. Two bison deaths northwest of North Battleford, Saskatchewan have recently been confirmed as caused by anthrax, and seven others are suspected. Producers are encouraged to keep a watchful eye and to refresh their memories on what to do when anthrax

Business development support was good to get their small honeybee apiary and meadery up and running in Alberta, 
says Cherie Andrews, who co-owns Chinook Arch Meadery with her husband Art.

For direct-farm marketers, Alberta is a great place to operate

Support includes help to finance travel and research, and allowing sales of alcohol in farmers’ markets

Direct-farm marketers in Alberta have their share of regulatory hurdles to gripe about, but they have distinct advantages and supports which marketers in other provinces would envy. When apiary owners Cherie and Art Andrews were first eyeing prospects to start making mead (honey wine), the province gave them several kick-starts, not the least of which

Ken Kamiya outlining papaya

The dark side of agriculture in Hawaii

GM variety has helped protect papaya against a deadly virus, but some growers have found their crop vandalized

Hawaii — the name conjures up thoughts of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, fresh exotic fruits, flowers. However, there is a much darker side that most tourists are unaware of — an atmosphere of distrust, vandalism, legal wars, massive security, heartbreak and so much more. All of this due to genetically modified (GM) crops. With a 12-month