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Attendees at the Crop Diagnostic School earlier in July pore over an oat crop at the Ian N. Morrisson Research Farm in Carman.

A thorn in the side of oat growers

Common buckthorn is a haven for crown rust spores over the winter and an easy source of infection if the farmer opts for a susceptible oat variety

Oat growers may want to gauge the distance to the nearest woody stream bed the next time they choose a variety. That’s one of the messages sent out during this year’s Crop Diagnostic School in Carman in the first two weeks of July. Why it matters: Manitoba’s most popular oat varieties have either been downgraded

Kaminski returns to Manitoba Agriculture

David Kaminski is once again a field crop pathologist for the province

David Kaminski, Manitoba Agriculture’s new field crop pathologist, is a familiar face to many of the province’s farmers. That’s because Kaminski had the same position from 2001 until 2007 and worked as a manager with Manitoba Agriculture out of its Carman office until 2013. In May of that year Kaminski started his arborist business. After