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What we know and what we don’t

Perfect information isn’t possible, which is why having a plan is so important

If you’ve ever read any Malcolm Gladwell books, you’ll know that he makes some very insightful connections across different topics. In the process, he uncovers some underlying fundamental truths about how people and our world really work. His most recent book, Talking to Strangers, makes you think about how we deal with the unknown and

We don’t know exactly how interest rate trends will evolve nor what the consequences will be. – David Derwin.

As the calendar turns

2020 illustrated volatility in stunning fashion for market watchers

It’s that time of year again, as another calendar page turns. I’m sure we’re glad to see the end to this year, although that doesn’t mean things have magically changed on January 1. At least now we can take a look back with a better understanding of where we’ve been to help figure out where

Canola futures.

Where are canola prices going?

To answer that question you’ll need a good handle on factors around the world affecting the oilseed complex

A question I get asked a lot is, “Where are canola prices going?” That’s not something you can answer just by looking out your back door, throughout your province, or even across the Prairies. You really have to look around the world at all oilseed markets to get a better sense of where our canola