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The Jacksons – for Aug. 4, 2011

“So what’s on your wedding wish list?” Rose Jackson set her glass of lemonade down on the patio table as she asked the question, and her future daughter-in-law, Amanda, did the same with her own glass before she answered. “That depends,” she said, “whether you’re talking about my ‘here’s what I want in the real-world

Farm Entrance Strategies Need Careful Consideration

Young farmers are often reluctant to clearly spell out their wants, needs and expectations from farming upon entering the business. It might be out of respect for Mom and Dad, sometimes they feel intimidated, and sometimes, they simply don’t know what they want. The most perplexing and pressing question for a farm entrant eyeing farming

The Jacksons – for Jan. 13, 2011

ell guys, another year is shot.” Andrew Jackson leaned back in his recliner and surveyed his surroundings. Various members of the family occupied the couch and chairs and even some of the floor space of the Jackson family room. Some were drinking coffee, Brady had a beer in his hand, and Rose was working on

Value Adding Important Part Of The Package

erard and Marie DeRuyck decided it was time to find a different way to farm in 2000 after spending buckets of money to seed, spray and harvest – only to have yields decimated by fusarium. The following year Gerard broke up 25 acres of pasture and sowed oats, sans synthetic inputs. Their son Dan and

Farmer Panel Hears Range Of Views

“What would be the point of farming if you had debt all your life?” – DAN MAZIER Farmers from different age groups tend to have different perspectives on life and the business of growing food. At the Farm Management Conference held last week on the sidelines of the Wheat City Stampede, participants heard from four

Lighting Up The Past

Keeping the globe clean was important so that the light was bright enough. When my daughter-in-law took the old coal oil lantern from the shed where it had been stored since 1952, it brought back many memories. The lantern was much like the one my parents had on the farm when I was a child.

Don’t Ignore Farm Succession Planning

Farm succession is the elephant in the room that many farm operations don’t want to acknowledge. While some family farms have it figured out, for many others it’s a great source of anxiety. As with many family businesses, farmers would typically like to see their operation remain in the family. In fact, farm owners are

Snapshots Of Going Organic In Manitoba

A farm-based processor There’s more money to be made in processing.” Gerard and Marie-Paule De Ruyck began the switch to organic on their Swan Lake farm in 2001. That year they broke up 25 acres of pasture, sowed and harvested what turned out to be a very good field of oats and never looked back.

Crafting a Country Christmas

When visitors arrive at Barb Plett’s Country Christmas near Landmark, they are truly welcomed to a country delight. Nestled among the maples is a traditional two-storey house that has been home to family members for approximately 80 years. This beautiful country scene has featured Barb’s Country Christmas for 15 advent seasons. Glowing outdoor lights and