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Shot of an unidentifiable woman's hands making a heart shape over a sunset landscape

Opinion: A love letter to you

Because of you, Canada’s food supply is some of the safest and most accessible in the world. Food in Canada is affordable, nutritious and backed by years and years of science and regulatory controls. These facts can sometimes be taken for granted or completely disregarded. With fearmongering headlines and the general misunderstanding of what goes

Editorial: Gone Hollywood

One of the great issues of the modern hyper-wired information age is the perniciousness of false facts. It seems to be all but impossible to stamp out an untruth, once it’s been released into the wild. No matter how many actual facts one presents, there’s still going to be a cohort of people somewhere who

Colton Mackedenski (l), and Ruby Chegwin present a wheat sheaf and bread to Shari Leshchyshyn (l) and Nancy Drul.

Vinok Ukrainian dancers carrying on tradition

Both in the community and surrounding areas, group keeps traditions alive through dance

The Hoolobka Dance Group put Ukrainian culture and the celebration of dance at the forefront in Rossburn, and since 2007 that tradition has carried on under the banner of the Vinok Ukrainian Dance Group. Seventeen members, ranging in age from four to 18, hail from Rossburn, Vista, Shoal Lake and Solsgirth. The name Vinok aptly

Shayne Campbell, executive director of the museum displays one of the flags received from Bishop Spence — a British Empire flag from a 1924 event in London, England. The flag has symbols of countries including India, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Argyle museum waves the flag – all 1,300 of them

Tiny rural museum’s flag collection is now second only to one in the National Capital Region. It received a generous donation earlier this winter

Every small-town museum hopes to flag down lots of visitors as tourist season starts. At Argyle, flags are now their main attraction. But they aren’t all flapping in the breeze this spring. Argyle’s Settlers Rails and Trails Museum has recently become home to the second-largest Canadian flag collection in the country, containing over 1,000 unique

Opinion: What’s the future of farm groups?

What is the future of farm organizations? How can they continue to make an impact? What do they need to change? Those were the weighty topics the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario asked guest speaker Rene Van Acker to tackle during its annual meeting and leadership summit in late March. Van Acker is dean of

Diane Twerdun demonstrates the playing of a tsymbaly.

Keeping a piece of Ukrainian culture alive

Passion for sharing music led to crafting 
the tsymbaly, playing it and giving lessons

The tsymbaly has played a big role in the life of Rossburn, Manitoba resident Diane Twerdun and her late husband, Harry. From crafting the instrument, to playing it and giving lessons, the Twerduns kept this piece of Ukrainian culture alive locally, and across the country. Twerdun has been passionate about sharing her enjoyment of music

Ag in Motion, 2016.

Editorial: Midpoint

It’s that point of the summer when the crops are really getting their legs. They’re growing, stretching and filling and now success or failure is largely between themselves and Mother Nature. As a farmer, you’ve done what you can to set them up for success, and that’s no doubt made for some hard work, long

COOL damage pegged at $2 billion for pork alone

Canada could retaliate if the U.S. fails to comply with COOL ruling, 
but expert says picking a fight with your neighbour requires serious thought

It’s illegal under international trade rules and is estimated to have cost producers billions in lost sales, but Canada doesn’t have a lot of options for ending the pain caused by the American country-of-origin labelling (COOL) legislation. A recent report by the Canadian Pork Council estimates the sector has lost nearly $2 billion in revenue

Dutch law will ban mink farming by 2024

Reuters/Staff –– Humane Society International-Canada is calling on the Canadian government to phase out fur farming following a decision by the Netherlands to end the practice by 2024. “Right now, the Canadian codes of practice for minks and foxes are being reviewed, and it is clear that fur farming is causing immense suffering to animals,”