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Let’s waste less food in 2015

Food bloggers and various groups love talking about what’s ‘in’ on the food scene as a new year begins. For 2015, we’re told to expect sustained interest in local food and how food production impacts the environment, eating healthier, a fondness for ‘mini’ food, more meatless Mondays, demand for more intense flavours and so on.

Eating well on $4 a day – free ‘Good and Cheap’ cookbook shows you how

Recipe Swap: Cornmeal Crushed Veggies, Brussels Sprout Hash and Eggs, Peanut Dipping Sauce

The cookbook is free. The meals made from it will cost $4 a day. The creator of Good and Cheap is Leanne Brown, a former Edmontonian, who was earning a food studies master’s degree in New York City when she began noting how poorly Americans on low incomes ate. What sorts of meals could be

Food banks want that garden overload

Recipe Swap: Summer Beet Salad and Carefree Cabbage Roll Casserole

Do you have a garden full of vegetables you can’t possibly use? That heady excitement that goes with garden centre visits in spring often leads to surplus vegetables in fall you can’t even give away. Everyone else has the same problem. But you can give them away. Your local food bank will be glad to

Waldorf Berry Salad (see recipe below)

You can’t eat your lawn but…

Recipe Swap: Tomato and Zucchini Gratin and Waldorf Berry Salad

Is a lawn “beautiful?” Is a vegetable garden “ugly?” Or is it the other way around? It depends who you ask. A press release plinked into my mailbox from the folks with Food Matters Manitoba last week announcing their second annual Manitoba Garden Makeover Competition. It’s urging Manitobans to convert their lawns into an “edible

Lamb isn’t just for Easter

Recipe Swap

I never ate lamb until I was in my early 20s and started trying new foods with new friends from around the world. That first bite was memorable — in a curry with plenty of red hot chilies! Since that first eye-popping meal, I’ve learned to love the subtle taste of lamb in stews and

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world

Try more international foods this year – all from the comfort of your own home

Many of us eat more international foods than we imagine. Although we might think we are enjoying North American food, the recipes we prepare at home and the ones we choose in restaurants often are melting pots of world cuisine. What ethnic foods do you enjoy? My family particularly enjoys food of Asian, European and

Recipe Swap: It’s spring (no, really)!

T.S. Eliot said April is the cruelest month, but the American poet and playwright didn’t live in Manitoba.  March is meaner and just because we’re done with winter, doesn’t mean winter is done with us. Teased one day with rising temperatures, we’re punched down the next with more snow and ice. Meanwhile, spring is a

Recipe Swap: Hearty eating for wintry chills

Here’s a word you often see associated with a recipe: hearty. I tend to think this is what and how we should be eating when the weather’s turned nasty and the days are dark, long and busy. Hearty isn’t merely wholesome food we eat because it’s good for us. Hearty means food that’s really pleasurable.