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Processed meat products are particularly hard to test for adulteration.

Rapid detection of meat fraud

Spanish researchers say a new biosensor can give test results within an hour

In recent years meat fraud has been a growing problem. Unscrupulous sellers have been caught adulturating beef with cheaper horsemeat and swapping chicken for turkey in sausages labelled 100 per cent turkey. Now researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid say they’ve developed an electrochemical biosensor that can quickly detect a DNA fragment unique to

Having a meal together as a family provides countless benefits to children and adults alike.

Reap the benefits of family mealtimes

Prairie Fare: Regular family meals can strengthen relationships and help children do better in school

Should we go see a hawk?” my son asked after we finished eating dinner with the rest of our family. He was about 11 at the time. “Sure. Maybe we will see Spock on the way,” I replied. Back then, my son and I had to be a little devious about using words that rhymed

Richly-coloured berries often make for a healthy eating choice.

Superfoods aren’t superheroes

Trendy foods are no cure-all or replacement for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

Every year, popular magazines and trend watchers release lists of must-eat “superfoods” that will boost our health and overall well-being. The idea sounds appealing — eat this food and you’ll feel great and improve your health. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy — superfoods are not the superheroes they’re made out to be. The concept of

Prairie Fare: Drive and dine

Prairie Fare: Drive and dine

From Scratch — Unique Eateries of Rural Manitoba is your guide to great eating 

If you think time for touring Manitoba ends as the first flake falls, get your snow tires on. Beaches and campgrounds are shut down, of course, but places to eat great food stay open year round. A new guide From Scratch — Unique Eateries of Rural Manitoba will help you find them. This handy little

McDonald’s rolls out campaign thanking farmers

McDonald’s rolls out campaign thanking farmers

Eighty-five per cent of the food it serves three million Canadian customers per day comes from Canadian farmers

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada wants Canadian farmers to know they couldn’t do it without them. The company rolled out a month-long advertising campaign this week with commercials featuring empty containers for its most popular menu items with the slogan “not without Canadian farmers.” Television and online commercials link consumers to its Our Food Your Questions

A sample of the proposed labels to show country of origin for food sold in Australia. 
The label has a bar chart to indicate the percentage of each country.

Australia to adopt mandatory COOL

Country has designed its own country-of-origin labels for consumers

The Australian government has announced that it intends to introduce mandatory country-of-origin labelling for food. This is an excerpt from a press release announcing the program. Public concern over country-of-origin labelling has resulted in numerous inquiries, reports and proposals on the matter over many decades without any real change or improvement. For many years consumers

Bailey Gitzel sells her cookie sandwiches and French macaroons at the opening day of the Carman Farmers’ Market June 19. The 17-year-old Graysville entrepreneur also sells honey produced from her own beehives. She plans to study agriculture at university.

New specialists, more online resources for small-scale production

The government must act quickly to keep up with needs of a fast-emerging sector, says report chair

Manitoba is acting on the recommendations for improving the working environment of small-scale farmers and processors, says Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Minister Ron Kostyshyn. Last week he and other MAFRD officials were at the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market to introduce the two business development specialists being reassigned in the department to work with these

Jeff Eastman is MAFRD’s new small-farm development specialist. His office is based at the University of Manitoba’s Livestock Knowledge Centre. Teulon-based MAFRD business development specialist Jayne Kjaldgaard is Manitoba’s new specialist to work with small-scale processors.

New production and processing specialists’ positions assigned

The new extension positions will be focused on reducing the intimidation factor for startup businesses

One of the most intimidating aspects of direct marketing a farm-grown product is knowing the rules for safe food handling and other regulatory and production requirements. Last week, the province announced it has reassigned two business development specialists with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development staff to roles that will avail them to processors and

winter forest

Complaining won’t shorten winter

Recipe Swap: Chicken Chili with Corn and Black Beans, Tortilla Pie, and Spicy Cornbread

Two emails popped into my box almost simultaneously this week. One came from someone whining about not being able to afford to fly somewhere warm, and how she couldn’t wait for winter to be over. The other was from a friend describing how much she enjoys this time of year, and how she keeps healthy