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Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal agriculture minister, attended CropConnect 2020 last week in Winnipeg.

Bibeau announces funding, but offers little on standing issues

The federal agriculture minister spoke briefly last week in Winnipeg

The federal agriculture minister told CropConnect attendees about two new programs last week, but had little new to say on long-standing producer concerns. Marie-Claude Bibeau was at the annual event to meet with Manitoba farmers and while there announced a total of $1.2 million in funding for the grain industry. Most of the money is

Strong demand supports sunflowers

MarketsFarm — Global demand for sunflower oil is steadily increasing, according to Scoular’s Robert Deraas. Deraas, director of the Scoular Co.’s sunflower and bird food division, explained Wednesday at CropConnect in Winnipeg that the majority of Canadian sunflowers are grown for oil purposes. Increases in demand are driven largely by health-conscious consumers who use sunflower

Mexico wants Canadian oats

MarketsFarm — Mexico’s largest oat manufacturer is calling for Canadian oat producers to explore new varieties and increase acreage in order to keep up with global demand. Jorge Sanchez, chief financial officer of Mexico’s Corporativo Grupo Vida Internacional, said Canada’s oat crops need to “adapt to changing growing conditions” in order to meet world demand,

Manitoba growers approve five-way commodity group merger

Manitoba grain growers represented by five separate commodity organizations have voted to greenlight a merger they now expect to make official by August. A total of 165 ballots were cast Wednesday and Thursday during the groups’ annual general and special meetings at the CropConnect conference in Winnipeg, with members at the various events voting between

Opinion: Liability hampers autonomous ag

For farmer and inventor Brian Tischler, the question isn’t whether autonomous tractors are cool, possible, or useful — it’s how to overcome the liability risk. Tischler told farmers attending CropConnect in Winnipeg recently it’s possible to build your own self-driving vehicle for around $1,000. He’s done it. That’s made the Manville, Alberta farmer a popular

Royalty issue discussed at canola, flax AGMs

Manitoba Flax is working on royalty policy for flax with Sask Flax

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) is following cereal royalty discussions closely because of the potential impact on MCGA members. At its annual meeting last year, MCGA members passed a resolution calling on the association to “vigorously oppose” the introduction of end point royalties on canola. An end point or trailing royalty is now being

The federal government has proposed two royalty models – an end point royalty and a trailing royalty – to help spur cereal variety development.

Cereal royalty discussions dominate CropConnect AGMs

There’s increasing agreement among farmers to invest more in variety development, but how?

There’s still no consensus among western grain farmers on how they can contribute more money to boost cereal variety development, but Fred Greig says there’s progress on the contentious issue. “I think there’s a will to move along the path and to protect our interests and protect our rights and do it right,” the Reston

Editorial: The changing faces of agriculture

Roaming the hallways and meeting rooms of this week’s CropConnect conference in Winnipeg offered an interesting snapshot of the state of farming in this province. Kudos to the organizers: the two-day conference put on by a consortium of nine commodity groups has proven itself a success on numerous fronts. With all the commodity groups out

Don’t gamble on grain marketing

Don’t play with risk, manage it for the good of your business

Don’t be a gambler when it comes to marketing your grain, Brennan Turner, FarmLead president and CEO, urged farmers at this year’s CropConnect. “It seems like most farmers view their grain as casino chips and they don’t have too much rhyme or reason on which number on the roulette wheel that they place those chips

Why merge?

Why merge? The reasons for five Manitoba farm commodity associations — Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers, Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers, Manitoba Corn Growers, Manitoba Flax Growers and National Sunflower Association of Canada — to merge were reviewed at each of the association’s annual meetings Feb. 14 and 15 at CropConnect in Winnipeg. Here’s a