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Manitoba harvest at 70 per cent, soy, corn crops rapidly mature

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for September 22

Southwest Region Another dry and windy week in southwest Manitoba. Subzero temperatures arrived for one or two nights but daytime temperatures were mostly double-digit, which allowed farmers to continue harvest and other field operations. Recent frost is not damaging anything at this stage as soybean and corn are already maturing and drying down due heavy

Pulse weekly outlook: Chickpea production expected up in 2021

MarketsFarm — Following an expected 11.4 per cent drop in Saskatchewan’s chickpea harvest this year, provincial pulse specialist Dale Risula is expecting an increase in 2021. In Statistics Canada’s most recent field crop report, issued last week, chickpea production in Saskatchewan was estimated to have dropped from 224,600 tonnes in 2019 to 199,010 tonnes this

Manitoba’s harvest underway

MarketsFarm — Harvest activity has begun in the easternmost Prairie province, with 88 per cent of winter wheat, 90 per cent of fall rye and two per cent of canola in Manitoba’s bins. Overall, 13 per cent of crops in the province are harvested. According to the most recent crop report from Manitoba Agriculture, the

Seeding nearly complete across province, flea beetle spraying ongoing

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 9

Southwest Region Very hot and windy conditions started the week. Blowing soil in much of the southern parts of the region on Thursday and Friday. Rain fell over the weekend, which was much needed in some areas. There is some standing water in low-lying areas from thunderstorms near Brandon. There are also reports of a

Dry weather, sunshine help push harvest progress

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for October 22

Southwest Region Nice weather towards the end of week/over weekend, with minor showers on Friday night that stopped harvesting on Saturday. Harvest progress is increasing each day, with overall harvest at 85 per cent done. South of highway #1 90 per cent and North is 80 per cent done. Click here for the Crop Weather

Sub-zero temperatures descend on Manitoba

Special Crop Report due to early fall frost on Sept. 5

Sub-zero temperatures were recorded in Southwest, Northwest, Central and Interlake stations overnight. Sub-zero temperature and duration of temperature are important factors to consider for their effect on immature crops. Where frost occurred, crops susceptible at present maturity are canola, soybean and silage corn. Producers are cautioned that frost that occurred on greenfeed and corn can