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Manitoba farmers are finding the spray window an elusive target this season.

It’s a hard crop protection season on multiple fronts

How to manage a dry and windy spray season that has gone from below freezing to extreme heat in a matter of days

Producers are told to spray when weeds are growing, but with both weeds and crop both reeling from a string of stresses and Mother Nature not co-operating, that spray window has been hard to pin down. Why it matters: Hardened weeds and poor spray conditions may leave producers with less effective weed control than they

A high clearance sprayer on a field in a prairie landscape

Farmers urged to ‘Keep it Clean in 2019’

Be aware of the pesticides buyers don’t want applied to certain crops

Read and always follow the label directions when applying pesticide. That’s one of the messages Brenna Mahoney, Cereals Canada’s director of communications and stakeholder relations, hopes farmers take away from the updated Keep it Clean website. By doing so Canadian farmers can help ensure international markets stay open, Mahoney said in an interview April 12.

Dairy farmer Markus Legge is coping with the European “dairy crisis” by lowering costs and increasing his margins through organic milk production.

German agriculture under the microscope

International Agriculture: Farmers are pursuing sustainability against a backdrop 
of increasing public scrutiny

Rommerskirchen, Germany – Here are our ‘plant protection’ products,” Willi Kremer Schilling told a delegation of foreign journalists as they entered the fortress-like warehouse at the Buir-Bilesheimer Agricultural Co-operative. “I never say ‘pesticides,” he said. “These are ‘medicines’ for plants.” Willi is one of the 1,150-member co-op’s farmer-directors and he proudly hosts tours of its new

DuPont Has Two New Fungicides Coming

Near Carman DuPont expects two of its new fungicides will commercially available to Manitoba farmers next year, and says more is to come. There s lots new coming from DuPont, Dave Kloppenburg, DuPont s launch manager for new insecticides and fungicides said Aug. 3 at the company s research farm. The message is next year,

Viterra Outlines Structure Along Three Business Lines

TORONTO/REUTERS Viterra Inc. outlined Aug. 8 a global organizational structure around three business lines – grain, processing and other agricultural products – and named senior executives to head each unit. The Canadian agribusiness company, which has expanded recently in Australia and New Zealand, said the moves would support growth and improve internal efficiencies. Fran Malecha,

Blight Fight Continues

Mani toba potato growers are accustomed to monitoring the wind and weather during the growing season, wondering if this is the week late blight will make its appearance. The annual rite of summer happens because Manitoba has long been an anomoly. While other growing regions have mild winters where living potato tissue can harbour the

Canola Acres Could Decline In Manitoba

Oilseed acres may be nearing their maximum in Manitoba and could decline over the next six years, according to projections from the provincial Agriculture Department. Total canola, flaxseed, sunflower and soybean acres will peak at 4.6 million acres in 2011 and fall slightly to 4.5 million acres by 2017, predicts Anastasia Kubinec, a Manitoba Agr

Study Says Upping Inputs Could Drive Down Profits

From their perch at the University of Minnesota, graduate students Wade Kent and Landon Reis have seen a clear trend emerge over the past few years. Higher prices have soybean growers throwing everything they could find – higher seeding rates, more fertility inputs, and more crop protection products – at their crops in order to

New Revenue Insurance For Farmers

Abrand new type of revenue insurance is being offered to grain farmers this spring. If it proves itself, it may decrease the need for crop and hail insurance. The company behind the offering is Global Ag Risk Solutions of Moose Jaw. Financial planner Grant Kosior is one of the founders. The others are Dean Klippenstein