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Elaine Owen, Grade 6 teacher at Miami School, holds the classroom’s pet angora rabbit that spends his 
days being patted and adored by students when they’re not knitting and spinning.

Wool studies help students see value of hard work — and generosity

Grade 6 social studies students at Miami School learn to card and spin, knit and crochet

Angela Dyck and Alyssa Bruce think a little differently than most teen girls about clothing. They don’t take a full closet for granted. Earlier generations didn’t have one, and it took a long time to make anything to wear, say the two 12-year-olds at Miami School. “We have it much better than they did,” says

Quick Christmas Crafts

Here’s two crafts that are easy to do and fairly quick to make. Clip-along skates These make a cute ornament for your Christmas tree or even a lapel pin for the skater in the family. Materials: Scrap of white felt 2 paper clips, 5 cm (2 inches) long Embroidery thread for the laces Embroidery needle

Crochet a Christmas bookmark

Here is a simple bookmark you can make for a Christmas gift. It can be completed in an evening. You can also use in place of a bow on a wrapped gift. Materials: White bedspread-weight crochet cotton Size 1.75 mm (4) crochet hook Red and green embroidery cotton Darning needle Directions: Vertical Bar: Using white

Make a sealer ring trivet

If you have lots of old rubber sealer rings in your canning cupboard, here’s a way to recycle some of them. I made this trivet for the Christmas turkey by using variegated Sayelle yarn in festive colours, but the choice can be as varied as the hot dishes under which you place these table savers.

Knit up an easy afghan

Readers have been requesting some additional information on making Joan Popke’s afghan from the October 16 Crossroads. Joan says she used Size 6 round needles and cast on 192 stitches. She did the pattern six times and then changed colour and used three colours. Four sets of colours will make a 4×5-foot afghan.