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Cows aren’t straying far from the feeder during these cold January days.

Beef leaders strive to drive industry forward

Goals include boosting production efficiency by 15 per cent and increasing 
carcass cut-out value by 15 per cent in just five years

Business gurus call them Big Hairy Audacious Goals — and now Canadian beef leaders have to figure out how to achieve the ones they’ve set for their industry. “You have to pick a place to get to,” said Trevor Atchison, co-chair of the National Beef Strategic Planning Group. “You can’t make every goal in life,

Canada Beef’s First President Focusing On Strengths

While the term “mega-agency” has been used to describe Canada Beef Inc. (CBI), its very first president prefers to think in smaller, more specialized terms. “It’s funny, you know, I’ve heard that ‘mega-agency’ term and frankly, I see it a little bit differently. I see it more from a boutique point of view. We’re going

BIXS System Ready For Prime Time – for Aug. 26, 2010

CALGARY Ranchers who wondered why they bothered to put RFID tags in their calves’ ears every spring will soon find out the reason. After extensive beta-testing by computer-savvy ranchers this summer, the online record-keeping system called the BIXS, or Beef InfoXchange System, will be ready for launch for the cow-calf sector by September of this

Flap Over EFAP Funding

“If you saw my application – it would make a grown man weep” – BRIAN STERLING First, there was the Environmental Farm Plan in 2005. It met with rave reviews from producers, who lined up in droves to become involved in the process – and to get their share of freebies from the four-year program’s