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CBOT December 2021 oats (candlesticks) with 20-, 50- and 100-day moving averages (yellow, orange and dark green lines). (Barchart)

CBOT oats climb on supply woes

Prairie drought eats at availability

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Board of Trade December oats futures climbed their daily maximum of 25 cents per bushel on Wednesday, nearing a 7-1/2 hear high, after drought slashed supplies from top global supplier Canada at a time of robust demand for the grain, traders said. The December oats contract surged 25 cents to

Biden administration plans tougher action to rein in meat prices

Biden administration plans tougher action to rein in meat prices

U.S. plans to funnel money towards smaller meat producers and workers

Reuters – The Biden administration plans to take a tougher stance toward meat-packing companies it says are causing sticker shock at grocery stores. Four companies control much of the U.S. meat-processing market, and top aides to President Joe Biden blamed those companies for rising food prices in a blog on Sept. 8. As part of a set

The pandemic taught us many lessons in the animal health field

The pandemic taught us many lessons in the animal health field

Beef 911: The supply chain stayed strong and co-operation made it stronger, and that’s very important

The direct contact between veterinarians and producers and pharmaceutical reps and technical services veterinarians has begun to open up again. Each pharmaceutical company had different restrictions on travel and rules on in-person contact and, of course, are fully abiding by the local health rules of the different provinces. The good news is that during the pandemic, the manufacturing and

A view near the Canadian end of the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit and is considered one of North America’s busiest trade routes. (Steven_Kriemadis/iStock/Getty Images)

U.S. extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico borders

Washington | Reuters — The United States on Monday extended restrictions at its land borders with Canada and Mexico through Oct. 21 that bar nonessential travel such as tourism by foreigners despite Ottawa’s decision to open its border to vaccinated Americans. Canada on Aug. 9 began allowing fully vaccinated U.S. visitors for nonessential travel. The

Demand is very strong for several products, including food.

Comment: The ‘COVID tax’ at the grocery store

Food inflation is a likely ballot box issue this election, but there are policy roots

The ballot booth question will likely differ depending on what you really care about. But since everyone eats and most try to manage a limited food budget, the most important electoral issue will likely be inflation. Or at least it should be. Everything is costing more, including food. And the worst is yet to come,

Bull riders struggled to stay aboard their full eight seconds in the arena, which had been turned to mud by a day of rain.

PHOTOS: Rodeo and rain stage a comeback

Grunthal hosted its first rodeo since the pandemic cancelled events in 2020

Two things that have been rare all summer returned to Grunthal in August: rodeo and rain. The small town in southeastern Manitoba usually hosts three rodeos per year — a spring rodeo, a fall rodeo during its Hanover Ag Fair, and a high school rodeo. All three were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Editor’s Take: On vaccine efficacy

Editor’s Take: On vaccine efficacy

One of the key metrics that crop protection products are evaluated on is one known as ‘efficacy.’ You’re quite right if you think that’s a $5 word for ‘effectiveness.’ Whether or not a crop protection product does what it says it will do is a critical part of its evaluation by federal regulators. If it

File photo of a roundworm larva. (Dotana/iStock/Getty Images)

Health Canada warns people not to take livestock dewormers

No evidence that drug is effective against COVID-19

“Concerning reports” of people in Canada seeking out veterinary-grade dewormers for personal use have led Health Canada to formally advise against doing so. News reports in Western Canada in the past week have described increased demand from non-farming consumers for veterinary-grade ivermectin, whether at livestock supply retailers or online. While ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug

A waiter walks among diners at Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, New York August 12, 2021.

No sizzle, no steak

Delta variant, beef prices threaten to take the sizzle out of steak houses seen as key recovery indicator

Reuters – Just as steak houses are recovering from the first wave of COVID shutdowns, the Delta variant threatens to diminish the appetite for a sector seen as a barometer for full economic recovery. While many top steak restaurants found new customers by reinventing themselves during the crisis, the comeback of the US$5-billion U.S. premium

Canada's 44th federal election will be held on Monday, Sept. 20.

Agriculture recognition election goal

Sectoral leaders say industry will do its best to push its issues onto the agenda

If agriculture garners attention during the 2021 election campaign, it will likely be as part of a larger discussion as candidates duke it out over climate change, an emerging green economy and post-pandemic recovery. That’s the perception of a number of observers in the province’s agriculture sector who recently spoke to the Co-operator. Why it matters: