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Opinion: School taxation a sign of unsustainability

Manitoba school trustees are permitted to tax property owners to fund public schools. No other province gives trustees this responsibility. Because school divisions have taxing authority, both taxpayers and parents must pay attention to what school boards actually do. A few years ago, the Winnipeg School Division (WSD) proposed to increase property taxes by 6.4

Food prices are… falling?

Food prices are… falling?

I stopped in my tracks recently when I heard food prices actually dropped last year. It was nonsensical… how could an essential such as food be going down in price, with the cost of living marching forward? “It’s true,” says Mike Von Massow, a University of Guelph agriculture and food economics researcher. “The price of

For Canadian grocers, recent cauliflower woes should serve as a cautionary tale on buyers’ hypersensitivity to price.

Cauliflower hysteria offers lessons for Canadian consumers

Food inflation is hammering consumers, but there are ways to reduce price pressure

Food inflation is top of mind for Canadian consumers, with rampant claims about produce being grossly overpriced. And the latest consumer price index (CPI) report won’t calm Canadian shoppers any time soon, since food inflation stands at 4.1 per cent. That’s a significant contrast to the -0.4 per cent in food inflation reported in the

Lower Grain Price And Fuel Prices Needed

Sharp declines in prices for grains and gasoline will be the most effective stimulus for renewed growth, by easing the squeeze on household finances across North America and Western Europe, but only if price cuts can be sustained. Relative declines in prices for food, clothing and fuel have been one of the big drivers of

China’s Costly Pigs Irk Consumers, Help Producers

The long, red-brick structures in this village on the outskirts of Beijing contain some of this year’s fastest-appreciating Chinese assets: pigs. Their owner Ma Shihong is in no rush to sell. Her fleshy, pale-downed porkers are worth 70 per cent more than last year on the market, with live pig prices, and their girth, growing

Spoiled Beans Highlight Brazil’s Inflation Challenge

One bad harvest of beans in Brazil is causing massive headaches for new President Dilma Rousseff and showing just how difficult it is for policy-makers worldwide to combat a recent jump in food inflation. The retail price of beans – a staple that many Brazilians consume in virtually every meal – went up more than