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Farm labour shortage seen costing billions, expected to rise

Ottawa | Reuters — Canada’s farm labour deficit is expected to double by 2029 to 123,000 workers, or one in three jobs, as shortages continue to hit the sector’s bottom line, the Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council said on Tuesday. Farmers in Canada have long reported challenges in recruiting farm workers because the rural-based work

Just paying Canadians more to work in the farm sector or further automating farms

Canadian farms need foreign workers

The Conference Board of Canada says the industry is facing a growing labour crunch

Canadian agriculture faces a serious roadblock to future expansion through a growing shortage of workers with the right skills, says a report from the Conference Board of Canada. The report, entitled Sowing the Seeds of Growth, says the agriculture sector is “on a seemingly unsustainable path, with an ever-growing labour gap that is likely to

Conference Board Of Canada Says Ethanol Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Reputation

co-operator contributor / ottawa Using crops to produce ethanol hasn t raised food prices and it positions Canada for a strong bioeconomy, according to a new report from the Conference Board of Canada. What s more, next-generation technologies, flex-fuel vehicles, and supporting policies could extend the role ethanol plays in Canadian transportation and manufacturing, adds

Is Supply Management Next?

The Conservative government s decision to end the Canadian Wheat Board s monopoly has supply management s critics in the media, business and academia sharpening their knives. Not surprisingly, the detractors are saying it s also time for an open market in milk, eggs, chicken and turkey. If marketing freedom and open markets are good

Centre For Food In Canada Releases First Report

The value of food to the Canadian economy reaches far beyond the value of primary production, processing and distribution, a new report by the Conference Board of Canada says. But as one of Canada’s most highly regulated sectors, the food industry’s opportunity for continued growth will depend on its ability to address two competing pressures: