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The view from GrainWorld

The view from GrainWorld

Most presenters said there are a lot of balls in the air right now, and nobody knows where they will fall

It is definitely one conference not to be missed. Numerous speakers covered various topics although this year it seemed that most things that made me go “hmmm” were in the areas of trade dynamics, political/social factors, marketing and, of course, technology. Political and social factors dominated many of the sessions with suggestions that there will

Big data and agriculture markets: Part 3

Big data and agriculture markets: Part 3

Options-based strategies can help get more out of a chaotic market filled with randomness and unpredictability

The previous article in this three-part series addressed some of the main myths and misperceptions of commodity hedging. This final segment looks at some practical solutions for improving farm marketing and commodity revenue protection. In David Orrell’s book Apollo’s Arrow: The Science of Prediction and the Future of Everything, he writes about the unpredictability and

Big data and agriculture markets: Part 2

Trend-watching can tell us a lot about markets, but won’t necessarily mean better results

The first of this three-part series looked at the current state of farm revenue and risk management and how big data analysis can play a greater role. This time I’d like to explore some of the myths and misperceptions of agriculture hedging. To understand this topic we have to ask ourselves, for farm marketing and

Wheat farmer checking his crop.

Big data and agriculture markets: Part 1

We’re awash in market information and using modern approaches can help manage and understand it all

Big data has got a lot of attention: from online shopping patterns that encourage you to buy, to life insurance to lower premiums and, of course, to the financial markets to increase returns and reduce risk. The agriculture industry has seen plenty of number crunching focusing on production and operations information technology, crop sciences advancements

Editorial: Armchair economist

It’s been said that anyone who thinks about economic forecasts for more than about a half an hour a year is wasting their life. A professional economist told me that, and what she was getting at is the intractable nature of economics. Even the experts can’t agree on what’s happening, or has happened, never mind

Supporters of the Stronger In Campaign react as results of the EU referendum 
are announced at the Royal Festival Hall, in London.

Brexit fallout extends to Prairie farms

Commodity markets are roiling and key trade deals are in jeopardy

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union threw key trade deals in jeopardy while sending shock waves through global financial and commodity markets last week. Most equities and commodities, including wheat, corn and soybeans, dropped sharply in trade the day after the June 23 referendum, while traditional safe-haven investments like gold and the U.S. dollar

VIDEO: Canola is weak today, but hope glimmers on the horizon

VIDEO: Canola is weak today, but hope glimmers on the horizon

The Western Producer's Ed White talks with the SciBabe, one of the speakers at the Canola Council of Canada's annual conference in San Diego

Day one of the Canola Council of Canada’s main program in San Diego was threaded together with concerns about weak crop prices, volatile markets, food politics and the management skills needed to run businesses in industries that not only involve changing technologies, but also disruptive factors and different expectations. And as always in recent years across