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Common insecticides are having less of an impact on potato beetles in recent years.

Potato beetle resistance on the rise

This long-standing challenge is growing as less response to foliar insecticides is being observed

Manitoba potato growers may need to get more comfortable with leaf damage. According to Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, vice-president of research and quality with Peak of the Market, growing insecticide resistance in Colorado potato beetles means it’s something they’ll likely see more of. Much like flea beetles in canola, potato producers are being urged to hold off

Potato beetle resistance brewing

Potato producers are getting ready for their yearly fight with Colorado potato beetle, but in some places the products don’t work the way they used to

The battle against Colorado potato beetle is becoming more difficult every season. It’s not a new problem. As early as 2014, producer groups were already warning that Colorado potato beetles were becoming increasingly resistant to neonicotinoids. Four years later, the problem has not gone away and, in some patches of the province, has arguably got

Frontal view of a Colorado potato beetle.

What’s the future of Colorado potato beetle control?

Neonics may be losing the beetle battle. What are the alternatives?

An old pest is becoming a new problem, according to Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, director of research and quality enhancement for Peak of the Market. Shinners-Carnelley was at Manitoba Potato Production Days in January to discuss Colorado potato beetle (CPB) control options as neonicotinoid seed treatments begin to lose effectiveness against the potato’s ancient enemy. Since the

Colorado potato beetle.

Potato beetle resistance brewing in Manitoba fields

Farmers should be scouting early in the season and switching to 
alternative products if they suspect resistance

Andrew Ronald has spent a lot of time in recent months talking to Manitoba potato growers about a familiar pest problem that could soon be taking on a new prominence. The Keystone Potato Producers Association agronomist says there’s growing evidence that Colorado potato beetle — the most significant insect pest of potato crops in Manitoba

Bayer CropScience launches new liquid potato seed-piece treatment in Canada

guelph, ont. / Bayer CropScience is introducing Titan Emesto, a complete liquid insecticide and fungicide potato seed-piece treatment for protection against major insects and diseases. Titan Emesto features a new coloured formulation to ensure growers can uniformly and safely apply it to potato seed-pieces to maximize pest control and yield potential. “The product provides excellent

Products Now Labelled For Broader Use

Titan seed-piece treatment has an expanded label to include control of above-ground pests such as: Colorado potato beetle, aphids (potato, green peach, foxglove and buckthorn), potato leafhopper and potato flea beetle, making it the broadest-spectrum insect seed-piece treatment available for Canadian potato growers. Titan, a Group 4 insecticide, was initially registered in early 2009 to

New Protection From Wireworm Damage

Canadian potato growers have a new tool to reduce the damage caused by wireworm with new Titan (clothiandin). Available for the 2009 planting season, Titan is the only seed piece treatment registered for suppression of the damage caused by wireworm. “Protecting potatoes from the moment the seed piece hits the ground gives growers a head