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La Niña developing in time for winter

Just how powerful the weather phenomenon will be this season is still up in the air

I must begin with a bit of an apology. I had promised that we would be looking at trends in overnight temperatures across the Prairies this week, but we will not be able to cover it this time around. As I was working on the final crunching of the data I realized that I had

Allan Martin (l) presented the award to Metro Belbas for his 30-plus years of weather reporting.

Rossburn farmer recognized for 30 years of weather reporting

Metro Belbas has been dedicated to providing facts and figures to Environment Canada

Weather is something we all talk about, but for the past 30 years, Metro Belbas of Rossburn has done more than that. The farmer and greenhouse operator has been keeping daily records of temperature and precipitation, as well as notes on the general character of weather, and submitting monthly info to Environment Canada. For his

Drops of water falling from the melting ice.

Opinion: Facing up to the truth about climate change

If we want consumers to accept the judgment of science, we need to return the favour

Those pants look terrible on you. Perhaps you’ve experienced that awkward moment when you try to stop a friend from committing a fashion faux pas. If so, you may have agonized how to word your concerns to avoid offence, while still getting your message across. It’s a potentially volatile moment that perfectly captures how I

A protest sign outside Bakersfield, California in 2015 highlighted the urgency of the drought situation that year. Climate researchers say Arctic warming likely contributed to the severity.

Warmer Arctic linked to weaker vegetation growth in North America

The effects of climate change in the extreme north 
can be felt far away, researchers say

Warmer temperatures in the Arctic are having an unexpected effect elsewhere in North America climate, scientists say. Researchers from Korea’s Pohang University and the South University of Science and Technology of China say their analysis suggests the northernmost regions of the continent may be warming and becoming more productive. But that’s being offset by effects

Keith Coble, of Mississippi State University, says there may be overexuberance in the agriculture technology market. (John Greig photo)

Greig: Farmer trust key to big data’s future

The marketplace for precision agriculture technology is sorting itself out, but it still has a way to go before it will be mature and have predictable uses for farmers, says a U.S. agriculture economist. Dr. Keith Coble, chair of the Mississippi State University’s department of agricultural economics, says we’re in the “overexuberance” phase of technology

A very wet canola field in St. Andrews, Man. this past July.

A warm and relatively wet 2016

November was the hottest month compared to average, breaking some records in Manitoba

I know the year isn’t quite done yet, but I really want to take a look back and see just how the numbers turned out for our weather across the Prairies this year. I figure the best way to do this is to look back month by month, then do an overall summary of the

December’s weather outlook? Cold

December’s weather outlook? Cold

A good portion of the record-level heating we saw in November took place during the night

Well, it’s now official. November 2016 has gone down in the record books as the warmest month on record across much of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In the last issue I pointed out we should easily beat the record, and we did exactly that. In fact, we didn’t just break the record for the warmest November

Ice melts on the Aletsch Glacier in Fiesch, Switzerland, August 12, 2015. One of Europe’s biggest glaciers, the Great Aletsch coils 23 km (14 miles) through the Swiss Alps — and yet this mighty river of ice could almost vanish in the lifetimes of people born today because of climate change.

Climate change could cross key threshold in a decade — scientists

Exceeding global warming targets could mean drastic action is necessary

The planet could pass a key target on world temperature rise in about a decade, prompting accelerating loss of glaciers, steep declines in water availability, worsening land conflicts and deepening poverty, scientists said last week. Last December, 195 nations agreed to try to hold world temperature rise to “well below” 2 C, with an aim of

A detailed look at this year’s frost-free season

Winnipeg has shown the longest frost-free season of all the major Prairie stations

I received a few emails asking me to look into frost and the length of the frost-free season in more depth, so that is what we are going to start off with. Years and years ago, back when I was working on my thesis in geography at the University of Winnipeg, I did some research