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Young folk during a 1953 or 1954 camp lineup at the dining hall with the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture and Co-operation ‘MFAC’ sign over the entranceway.

Want to come back?

This summer marks the 70th anniversary of when families started sending their kids to Camp Wannakumbac at Clear Lake

Ask anyone who grew up in rural Manitoba to name a place they link with childhood and summer, and chances are it’s Camp Wannakumbac. For 70 years tens of thousands of youths have spent a week of summer camping here, often returning later on to work as a counsellor or director. Adults wanna come back,

Kelsey Connor is the new owner of The Martese.

Enjoy fine dining while cruising Clear Lake

The newly renovated Martese runs from spring to fall and has an amazing dinner cruise

I’m no food critic, but I absolutely recognize a lovely meal when I eat one. And, you can, too, if you decide to enjoy dinner on The Martese, the little cruise ship that plies the waters of Clear Lake spring through fall each year, since it arrived here in 2004. Kelsey Connor, the new owner