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Cigi, Cereals Canada agree to pursue amalgamation

The boards of the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) and Cereals Canada have agreed to pursue amalgamation by March 31, 2020. That’s if a proposal, yet to be developed, is approved by the two bodies’ member organizations, leaders Dean Dias and Cam Dahl, said Friday in separate interviews. “During the past week, both boards have

The Canadian International Grains Institute was created in 1972 to provide market development and technical support for Canadian wheat and other field crops.

What will become of Cigi?

Merger talks between Cigi, created 45 years ago to promote Canadian grain exports, and Cereals Canada could come to a head this month

Cigi’s future could soon be clearer. For more than a year, the Canadian International Grains Institute, created in 1972 to provide market development and technical support for Canadian wheat and other field crops, and Cereals Canada, which represents the country’s cereals sector, have been considering merging. Cigi could decide on that during its annual meeting

Editorial: Brand name

As the writing began to appear on the wall for the Canadian Wheat Board, many wondered what would become of Brand Canada. The nation has long enjoyed a global reputation as a producer of high-quality milling wheat. Canada has been a dominant player in this lofty quality grouping since the legendary Red Fife and Marquis

In Your Co-operator this Week: June 13

Allan Dawson delves into what the future holds for Cigi. The organization has been educating customers from around the world on the benefits of Canadian wheat and barley for nearly 50 years. It was funded by farmers, through the Canadian Wheat Board, and the federal government. Since the end of the CWB, Cigi has had

It's not an easy time for durum growers currently as durum prices are well below the cost of production.

Opinion: Farmers’ voices important on crop missions

The Canadian wheat new crop missions for 2018 are well underway. These are missions organized and co-ordinated through three organizations: Cereals Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) and the Canadian Grain Commission. They take place over six weeks in November and December and include missions to 17 of our top markets for wheat and durum.

Editorial: Self-reflection

As the debate over the fate of the Canadian Wheat Board was coming to a head a few years back, one of the key points repeatedly raised was how Canada’s quality assurance system gave it a leg up. Having a centralized sales desk meant there was an entity with a rational reason for maintaining and

Cereals Canada’s irresponsible GM wheat policy

The discovery of genetically modified (GM) spring wheat plants growing in Alberta is disappointing and damaging to Canadian farmers. And so is the reaction by Cereals Canada — an industry-dominated group that falsely claims to represent farmers. An article published in 2014 quotes Cereals Canada president Cam Dahl saying, “Cereals Canada’s support for GM wheat

A Cereals Canada-Cigi merger would raise questions about Sask Wheat’s checkoff funding of Cigi.

Wheat groups watch Cereals Canada, Cigi merger talks

Spokespeople say it’s too soon to react because there are no details yet

Western Canada’s farmer-funded wheat checkoff organizations says it’s too soon to have an opinion on whether Cereals Canada and the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) should collaborate more or even merge. “We’re waiting to see what the process will be and where those discussions will lead,” Manitoba Wheat and Barley Grower Association (MWBGA) general manager

Editorial: Similar but not the same

After decades of watching the sector consolidate around them, it seems as though agriculture industry associations and groups have now decided this is also the right strategy for them. We’ve seen a handful of Manitoba commodity groups working together and now promoting the concept of a merger into a single larger group. The aim is

Cigi, Cereals Canada explore merger

The two organizations already work closely and have some of the same members and directors

Two Winnipeg grain industry organizations have joined the list of those pondering collaboration and even a possible merger. The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) and Cereals Canada say now may be the time to band together. Cigi was created in 1972 to promote Canadian grain and field crops to domestic and international processors. Besides overseas